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Colombian freediver survives shark attack in San Andrés

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Colombian freediver survives shark attack in San Andrés

Colombian freediver Cristian Castaño is recovering this Wednesday from several injuries he suffered the day before when he was attacked by a shark near the Caribbean island of San Andrés.

Castaño, 38, posted on his Instagram account a photo in which he appears with bandages on both his hands and one of his legs. “They should see how the shark turned out,” the athlete wrote on the image.

According to the environmental authority of the Colombian archipelago of San Andrés y Providencia, Coralina, the victim was practicing apnea (underwater resistance without oxygen equipment) with other divers when they were “surprised by several oceanic whitetip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) who They frequent deep areas.

“One of the sharks bit (out of curiosity) one of the freedivers (…) a situation that did not get worse thanks to the quick reaction of Coralina’s personnel who were in the area and managed to help the divers,” added entity.

The injured diver “was conscious and “using his own physical and motor skills during the rescue.”

The Clarence Lynd Newball hospital, where Castaño was taken after reaching the mainland, indicated that he suffered “multiple injuries to the upper limbs and the lower right limb.”

The injuries were sutured “without any kind of complication” and he was discharged at night, explained Jainer Méndez, the entity’s emergency manager.

Last year an Italian tourist died in San Andrés after being attacked by a shark while swimming near a cliff. In April this year, Coralina issued a warning against tour operators dumping pig carcasses into the sea to attract sharks and offer sightings near the island.

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