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Colonel Guida leaves “his” Canavese “I will carry Ivrea in my heart”

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IVREA. The news has not yet been made official by the leaders of the Arma but it is certain: in the coming days, after just 31 months of command of the Carabinieri Company of Ivrea, Colonel Walter Giacomo Guida, has been promoted to a prestigious post in Rome: in the capital he will direct a strategic office at national level, that of Personnel.

A bolt from the blue but which rewards the extraordinary work done by Guida (who leaves Ivrea as a colonel, he arrived lieutenant colonel) capable of perfectly coordinating all the stations present in the 96 municipalities covered by the Compagnia di Ivrea. In his place, captain Manuel Grasso will arrive in a relay between Rome and Ivrea.

By regulation, Colonel Walter Guida (who inherited the Company from another brilliant officer, Domenico Guerra) cannot make statements but privately he has leaked two opposing states of mind: emotion, satisfaction and pride for a decided transfer. on the excellent results obtained in his career, but also the melancholy and a pinch of sadness for skiing a territory that he had immediately started to love, appreciate and understand.

He had confided to his colleagues that he “thinks he has at least another year of work in the Canavese ahead of him” knowing “of the opportunity offered him by the Army in Rome” and of which he says he is “honored” but “I will carry Ivrea in my heart”. In a recent meeting with journalists, on the occasion of the farewell to Ivrea of ​​another character who wrote pages of judicial history, the head of the Prosecutor’s Office, Giuseppe Ferrando, said “he was pleasantly impressed by the self-denial of his soldiers in the area , the collaboration of citizens and the work carried out with the State Police, firefighters, Alpine rescue, staff of 118 ».

Walter Giacomo Guida coordinated the Company with an iron fist, also obtaining excellent results but remaining “deeply troubled” by two factors: “the impressive number of suicides, of which I can not get a reason” (he is remembered being moved at the funeral of two boys under 14 who took their own lives in recent years) and the number of scams against the elderly “a hateful crime because it is perpetrated against fragile and often defenseless people, ready to give trust in exchange for a word of understanding, a attention”.

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