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Colonel implicated in case of former chief of staff appears dead

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Colonel implicated in case of former chief of staff appears dead

Police lieutenant colonel Oscar Dávila, who would be involved in the wiretapping of Marelbys Meza, Laura Sarabia’s former babysitter, now Gustavo Petro’s former chief of staff and another former maid of hers, was found dead in his vehicle in Bogotá.

The first unofficial versions show that Dávila, who served as anticipatory protection coordinator for the Presidency of the Republic, asked his escort to park in a sector of the town of Teusaquillo, on 22 Bis Street with Carrera 48 to buy him a car. bottle of water in a store. Upon returning, the escort found him shot dead.

However, This version of suicide raises suspicions since a letter that Lieutenant Colonel Dávila sent to the Attorney General was known, Francisco Barbosa, on June 2, where he expressed “My absolute availability to appear before the office of the investigative entity that is indicated to me, in order to give an interview on the occasion of the facts of public knowledge, socialized in recent days, through the media and that involved senior officials of the presidency”.

Immediately afterwards, it indicates that “in addition, by virtue of the position I hold, I consider my connection as a defendant necessary, taking into account the interpretative criteria developed by the Constitutional Court, through judgment C-025 of 2009, which in turn includes what is indicated in C -799 of 2005, I request that you inform me of this condition and I reiterate my availability to appear on the date and time indicated to be heard in the interrogation procedure.”

In the letter, the uniformed man recalls that all of the above has its genesis in the complaints and publications presented by the magazine Semana, which deal with the case of the head of the presidential office, Laura Sarabia, in which they allegedly link the headquarters for the protection presidential.

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In this sense, he adds, “I reiterate my interest in collaborating with the correct administration of justice and, consequently, as the person in charge of the coordination of anticipatory protection of the presidential protection headquarters, I place myself at your complete disposal to contribute to the clarification of the facts that are the subject of investigation”.

Finally, Lieutenant Colonel Dávila delivers, as usual in letters like this collaboration, his residence information if required. And, the same, it is on Calle 22Bis with carrera 48, where on Friday night, he parked his vehicle and was later found lifeless.

The complete letter issued by the Lieutenant Colonel:

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