Home News Colorful Folk Customs Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Race in Beautiful Dragon Township

Colorful Folk Customs Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Race in Beautiful Dragon Township

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Colorful Folk Customs Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Race in Beautiful Dragon Township

Colorful Folk Customs Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Race in Beautiful Dragon Township

Jiaxing Dragon Boat Festival Folk Culture Festival Pinghu Dragon Boat Race starts

Release date: 2022-06-07 09:15

Source of information: Pinghu City


It is a folk custom to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and dragon boat races are held in Longxiang. On June 3, the opening ceremony of the Jiaxing Dragon Boat Festival Folk Culture Festival-Pinghu Dragon Boat Race was held in Xujiadai Shaibang Scenic Spot, Lindai Town, Longxiang. The prelude to the festival. Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Executive Deputy Director Liang Xiaoying, city leaders Zhou Junbo, Wu Jinhua, He Jian, Shen Zhifeng, Ke Weiming, Song Yiling, Xu Jing and others attended the event.

Zhou Junbo, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, said that dragon boat racing in Pinghu has a long history. Dragon boat racing on the Dragon Boat Festival symbolizes the good wishes of seeking beauty, happiness, peace and prosperity, and is also a microcosm of the common prosperity of the people of Pinghu. Over the past 20 years, our city has held many Dragon Boat Races, each of which is a comprehensive display of the achievements of Pinghu folk culture, an enrichment of the cultural life of the masses, and a strong promotion of the construction and development of Pinghu. Dragon boat racing has become one of Pinghu’s representative cultural brands and one of Pinghu’s iconic city cards. “Peace to report, brave and diligent” is the urban spirit of Pinghu, which is in the same strain with the dragon boat spirit of “helping each other in the same boat and striving for the first”. He hoped that the 8 teams participating in this competition can fully carry forward the spirit of dragon boat, compete with level, style and friendship, and present a high-quality competition for everyone.

The gongs and drums were loud, the dragon dance, and the folk performance with the local characteristics and charm of Lindai kicked off the event. Paper-cutting dragons, watching dragon operas, drinking dragon tea, wrapping dragon rice dumplings… Citizens also placed their best wishes in the experience of Dragon Boat Festival folk customs, and the scene was filled with a strong festive atmosphere. There are colorful folk customs here to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and the racing of the Shabang River is also wonderful. 8 teams from various towns and streets in our city gathered in the sunbath, bringing a fierce competition. The rapid drum beats sounded, and the “you dragons” flew up and down on the water. Accompanied by the neat and loud horns of each participating team, they quickly sailed to the finish line. The athletes used all their strength to wave the oars. The helmsman carefully controlled the course of the dragon boat. The dragon boat race is full of passion and every second counts, presenting a visual feast of power and beauty to the audience on the shore. “Come on, Lindai!” “Dushan Port is the best!”… The crowd watching the game gathered on both sides of the Shaibang River, cheering, shouting, and cheering one after another. The sound of drumming and shouting is one, and the beautiful countryside of the Dragon Boat Festival is very lively. The 8 teams were divided into groups for the preliminaries. The 1st place in the group and the best 3 teams in the losing team entered the semi-finals. Finally, the 3 teams that entered the final competed. After fierce competition, In the end, the Dushan Port team won the first prize.

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