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Comelico doctors: “Get vaccinated”

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The invitation to the population of the five professionals of the area: “We would not like to meet like last year”

BELLUNO. “Let’s get vaccinated and stem the contagion ». This is the appeal of the general practitioners of Comelico to their clients and to the entire population of the area. An appeal dictated by the high incidence of the infection, but also by the low adherence to the prophylaxis campaign against Covid.

From 11 to 17 November, Comelico recorded 420 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, against a provincial incidence of 152 new positives per 100,000 residents. “We must not play with fire: we must contain the infections before it is too late”, say Antonella De Tomas, Sebastiano Di Rosa, Aldo Bettini, Simone Calgaro and Tiziano Favaretto, who signed the appeal. “Our area”, write the white coats, “is characterized by a low adherence to the anti Covid vaccination”.

And the data proves it. In the municipality of Comelico Superiore, the percentage of the vaccinable population that received the first dose is 73.7%, a figure which rises to 80.4% in Danta and 82.5% in Santo Stefano. On the other hand, the percentages in San Pietro and San Nicolò where the first dose of vaccine was injected to 73.8% and 76.5% of the residents, respectively, were relatively low. These are numbers below the provincial average of 84.2%. Things are worse when you look at the percentage of residents who have completed the vaccination cycle. Compared to a provincial average of 82.3%, in Comelico they are recorded at almost twenty percentage points less: 63.3% in Comelico Superiore, 69.5% in Danta, 62% in San Pietro, 65.7% in San Nicolò and 69.7% in Santo Stefano.

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“These data portray a worrying and real situation: we would not like to meet again like last year,” say the five general practitioners. “Experience in the field has confirmed the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing severe forms of the disease. Let’s get vaccinated with confidence and follow the directions to counter the spread of the infection: we use a mask, wash our hands often, avoid crowded places. Let’s not waste what we have done so far and don’t let us relive last year’s nightmare », they say.

And speaking of last year, the ULSS compared the situation from September 1st to November 15th 2020 to the same period of 2021, highlighting how the number of positives and that of hospitalizations has significantly reduced. “Merit of vaccination”, explains general director Maria Grazia Carraro, “which allows hospitals to continue with normal activity”.

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