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Comelico, road and tunnel works: a compromise

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Comelico, road and tunnel works: a compromise

Anas will make the second rod as long as 80 million are found, but in the meantime it will start with interventions from the end of September

SAINT STEPHEN. Anas takes care of the valley road, provided that the 80 million (including VAT) are found to restore it to safety. But since it will take about 4 years to build (two and a half for the first section only), there is an urgent need to start with the works in the Comelico gallery. The shipyard – first entrusted with the Vittadello company – will start up towards the end of September. But it will not be closed immediately. This will probably arrive between the end of the year and the beginning of the next. 10 hours of stop at night (except for emergency vehicles), alternating one-way traffic, half an hour to half an hour, from 6 to 20, with facilities for commuters (workers and students) during peak hours. And with other facilities for tourist flows. This is what was communicated yesterday in Rome to the mayors of Val Comelico (the minorities of Santo Stefano protested the absence of the mayor; the councilor De Bernardin asked for his resignation) by the director of operations and territorial coordination, Matteo Castiglioni, in the presence by the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà. The mayors declared themselves satisfied, through the mouth of the president of the Montana Union Giancarlo Ianese, for the open doors of Anas to the road project: construction site in two sections, one and a half years each, and the first cost of 32 million and 30 the second. Upon delivery of what is a feasibility study, Anas made itself available, through the signing of an agreement under the aegis of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, to develop the subsequent planning phases for the restoration of the road network that will improve the ” accessibility to the area, also confirming the willingness to play the role of implementing body of the works, once the sources of funding have been identified. However, to the three years indicated by the study, it will be necessary to add another one for the technical bureaucratic procedures. The mayors, on the other hand, welcomed the confirmation of the closure of the road rather disappointed, without waiting for the alternative.

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“I believe that it is essential to reconcile the needs of the area that has repeatedly expressed the social and economic difficulties with the need for safety of the current tunnel”, said Minister D’Incà, “Anas has in fact explained the methods of intervention, not more postponable, and the desire to limit the inconvenience to citizens as much as possible. With the works in the tunnel and the possibility of a new valley road, the territory will solve, with a long-term vision, the problems of inbound and outbound traffic in the coming years “.

Also considering the commitment on the Coltrondo gallery, the overall investment on these works would exceed – according to D’Incà – 200 million euros.

“Personally I will promote new tables to ensure that Comelico is correctly represented in institutional settings: dialogue and discussion remain essential to find the best solutions for citizens”, assured the minister, for whom a a further positive sign, already expressed in previous meetings, is also represented by the desire to maintain a constant dialogue with local administrators, involving them and illustrating the planned interventions to the local area. Precisely in this perspective, Anas has specified that the works – during the first months – will not involve any changes to road traffic, guaranteeing regular opening to transit, both during the night and during the day, in both directions of travel. During the works, the passage of emergency vehicles will always be allowed 24 hours a day. The articulation of the envisaged road system was also reviewed, which provides for continuous 10-hour night closure and alternating one-way transit – every 30 minutes. – during the 14 day hours. Anas, accepting the requests of the territory, also confirmed that during the works, on the occasion of the periods of greatest tourist influx, it will adopt temporary measures to restore the two-way traffic. Francesco Dal Mas

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