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Comeseña questioned the history of Junior: “What is Junior, what has he won”

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Comeseña questioned the history of Junior: “What is Junior, what has he won”

Junior de Barranquilla debuts as a coach again, because after the departure of Arturo Reyes, the reins of the team were taken by Hernán Darío Gómez. One of the last strategists that the eleventh player from Barranquilla had was Julio Avelino Comesaña, idol of the club and one of the most winners with the Tiburona squad. The Uruguayan spoke in the last few hours and was forceful regarding his concept of the team, a fact that left many speechless.

The Uruguayan coach made reference to the situation the team is experiencing, as he assures that many myths have been created about the management of the squad. Comeseña questioned the history of the team, pointing out that it is not a club that has won everything, so that some people fear taking over it, although clearly, he reaffirmed his love for the institution.

In dialogue with the VBar of Caracol Radio, he stated:

“The issue is that they say that everyone has to know when they come to the Junior, or that the Junior cannot be directed, my question is, what is the Junior? Did Junior win 50 championships, three Copa Libertadores? What is Junior? Junior is a team whose people, we all love him and have tremendous love for him, Junior is vital for the people in Barranquilla”.

According to the experienced foreign coach, it is necessary to ground people on the Junior news, as this generates pressure that can make them uncomfortable. “In its path, in its history, it is not a team where one says, look, you are going to a team that won everything, because people get scared, the players arrive and say; “No, if I play a game badly then I have to go”, but it is not like that, ”he added.

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Junior needs a project according to Julio Comesaña

Likewise, Comesaña explained the need to base an idea that is not rotating, ensuring that if the club and the leadership as such are clear about what they need or want, it will be easier to carry out the entire hiring transfer process, taking into account that, This allows the coach that arrives to fit into the style, and even, in this way, a strategist could be found according to the idea of ​​the squad.

“If the club decides on a project, that it is going to play with young players from the club or from the coast, or whatever, it is a club project, not the coach on duty; so when there is a club project, the club has to be in a position and if not have advisers for that, to say: “look in this first stage of the project, the coach should be so-and-so, so-and-so, so-and-so, maybe in a second stage we have to change ”, he expressed in the aforementioned program.

According to the former Junior coach, many coaches or players have left the team for no reason, this, because there are some things that they have not liked about them, however, they are dispensed with in order to please the fans. The need to find professionals who are respected is vital, because according to Comesaña, this would avoid problems.

Likewise, Comesaña sees the current situation of the team as something unfeasible, since he expressed that at some point it will be difficult to find someone to take over the reins of the squad, as he maintained:

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“All the things that are happening are making Junior a team where there will come a time when it will be impossible to hire a coach, I don’t know what is happening; They change, change and change coaches, they play two games and go away, another arrives and goes away and in a way that nobody knows about, because I have never heard them explain what is happening, everything is rarefied, everything is like a mystery,” he mentioned in the VBar of Caracol Radio. with Infobae

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