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Comfacauca Employment Agency, a decade of contribution to business development – news

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Comfacauca Employment Agency, a decade of contribution to business development – news

It has placed 35,623 people in jobs, trained 59,607 and benefited 32,134 citizens with unemployment benefits.

In the Auditorium of the Comfacauca Popayán Administrative Headquarters, the Business Meeting led by the Employment Agency was held, in commemoration of its 10 years of dedication to employability management.

The event addressed aspects of the offer of services for employers and representatives of companies, both public and private in the region, significant data on user service during 2023 and upcoming projects aimed at the Community, in order to consolidate a decade of contribution significant to the labor market.

Marisol Velasco, Administrative Head, socialized those present about the importance of being linked as employers to Comfacauca. “It is precisely this connection that allows us to provide different services to its workers, not only in terms of the monetary fee, but also in the deliveries of school kits, the improvement of the infrastructure of the recreational centers and, of course, the management of the new Administrative Headquarters, where members will be able to have better advice and attention in one place,” he concluded.

For her part, María Eugenia Bastidas, coordinator of the Employment Agency, commented that, during these first ten years, this service has contributed to the growth of the business sector, with the job placement of 35,623 people, training 59,607 and benefiting from the unemployment benefits to 32,134 citizens, which is equivalent to 84 billion pesos in subsidies.

The Comfacauca Employment Agency completed 10 years of contribution to employability in the department; In the graphic, the administrative director, Juan Cristóbal Velasco, celebrates with the officials.

Meanwhile, Marcela Muñoz, coordinator of Human Talent Management at the Santa Gracia Clinic, highlighted the work of the Comfacauca Employment Agency and told how, from her experience, this service has allowed them as a company to obtain the ideal personnel. “The management carried out from the Fund is very important, because it allows us to have an interpersonal meeting with the applicants for the positions, taking into account that we are hiring people and not robots, applicants who have assertive emotional intelligence to receive instructions and this optimizes a lot of time,” said Muñoz.

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Likewise, the head of Corporate Relations, Stefanía Velasco, and the Market analyst, Diana González, presented with figures the coverage of the services provided by Comfacauca throughout the department of Cauca.

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