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Community and busy mothers of Cesar join the national indefinite strike

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Community and busy mothers of Cesar join the national indefinite strike

With the purpose of demanding that the outsourcing of the services provided to Colombian Institute of Family WelfareICBF, that mothers be hired as official workers, that they have the right to a decent pension, in addition to the requirement of an adequate food menu that guarantees adequate nutrition for early childhood, dozens of community mothers and educational agents from Cesar protested in front of the facilities of the GCaesar’s observance

They also expressed their support for the national strike called from February 6th by the National Union of Child and Adolescent Care Workers of the National Family Welfare System, Sintracihobi. In Valledupar, the protests are expected to continue around the Icbf Zonal Center.

As read in the Sintracihobi statement, the national strike will only be lifted when a meeting with the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, and reach agreements.


In conversation with this medium, one of the busy mothers, attending the protest, said that “The Governor spoke with 10 community and busy mothers. They were willing to help [a madres comunitarias de Valledupar] with mattresses and didactic material. Directly, regarding community mothers from La Paz and other municipalities, there was no pronouncement.”

Furthermore, he explained that:They are also fighting for a bonus that, from the National governmentthey are going to give us It’s like a pension. In Bogotá there are community mothers who are meeting with the president (sic)”.

And I add: “To say something, a community mother who meets 60 years of life, Even if you did not start contributing to a pension from an early age, you can access the pension for life. This would not change in the case of mothers –community or through transit– who meet the age and weeks stipulated for the old-age pension, who would receive double pensions”.

Finally, he indicated that they are also fighting because currently they have not been able to start work due to lack of contract.

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We don’t have a contract. We are going to fight for it. Also, what is happening with the CDIs of Cesar. Another point is that the operators provide busy mothers with everything they need in terms of utensils and playful, didactic and decorative material; also, in relation to the children feeding, that is complete and balanced enough”accurate.


For her part, one of the community mothers assured THE PYLON that it is being claimed that they are not followed violating the rights of boys and girls. “Also, we protest for 95% of an old-age pension bonus for community mothers, which is approved and executed for mothers over 57 years of age. That the nutrition of the children be improved, since the budget they approved is not enough for the three moments of feeding the children”, he claimed.


Despite the protests of the community and busy mothers, the director of the regional ICBF, Cesar, Gabriel Castile, affirms that the attention of children in early childhood in the Department is progressing satisfactorily.

“Operators were assigned for the last few 10,701 boys and girlswhich added to the 22.284 who already started care from the previous week and 32.448 also assigned at the end of January, we completed a service figure of more than 65,000 boys and girls, which represents an approximate coverage of the 70% of potential demand. at the service are 1854 community motherswho, regardless of the selected operator, will continue to provide care for our children”, Castilla stated.

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In the last hours, through his Twitter account, the president Gustavo Petrotrilled saying that “The order has been given from the presidency to gradually integrate community mothers into the official ICBF payroll and to provide education for their professionalization.”

In the same way, Petro maintained that in the restructuring that he proposes, the Icbf will be dedicated exclusively to the Colombian childhood with the total budget you have today. “The other functions will pass to the national Government and will be financed with the Nation’s budget”he pointed out.


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