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Community elderly care services have achieved full coverage of urban communities and more than half of rural communities have been covered

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Community elderly care services have achieved full coverage of urban communities and more than half of rural communities have been covered

Today (October 4th) is the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, the Double Ninth Festival. This year’s Double Ninth Festival coincides with the National Day holiday, and people have enough time to go home to see it.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the supply of elderly care services in my country has been continuously increased and the structure has been continuously optimized. The latest statistics show that at present, the total number of elderly care beds in the country has reached 8.126 million, doubling from 2012.

  Community elderly care services to achieve full coverage of urban communities

According to statistics, the vast majority of the elderly in my country choose home-based care for the elderly. In order to meet the needs of the elderly for home-based care, in recent years, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, together with relevant departments, has continuously shifted the focus of services to home-based communities, and has promoted home-based community care services to achieve significant progress.

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The Mudan Community in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province is an old community built in the 1990s. The elderly account for 40% of the total population. There were no elderly care facilities in the original community. More than 500 square meters have been allocated for the construction of elderly canteens and elderly care service centers, and a smart elderly care information platform has been built to provide 14 basic life services such as meal assistance, bath assistance, cleaning assistance, walking assistance, and haircuts for the elderly in the community.

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  Shan Shuqing, a resident of Mudan Community in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province:For example, if I want to clean the windows and sweep the floor, I can’t move, so I use this bracelet to call them, and they will come right away when they receive it, which is very convenient.

According to statistics, in the renovation of old urban communities from 2019 to 2021, more than 30,000 old communities like Peony Community have added various facilities such as pension and meal assistance. In 2021, new residential areas nationwide will be equipped with pension service facilities. The compliance rate reached 62%. In recent years, my country has promulgated a number of policies, setting clear requirements for per capita land use standards for community-based elderly care service facilities, building and complementing elderly care service facilities in new residential areas and old communities, and promoting the improvement of supporting policies such as planning, land use, financing, and taxation. , In Anfu County, Jiangxi, in order to solve the problem of living alone, empty nesters, and left-behind elderly people in the community, a happy canteen for the elderly was established. The elderly only need to pay 8 yuan to enjoy a lunch of two dishes and one soup.

Up to now, there are 320,000 community elderly care service institutions and facilities nationwide, with 3.08 million beds, accounting for 88.9% and 37.9% of the national elderly care service facilities and beds, respectively.

  Community elderly care services have covered more than half of rural communities

Rural areas have always been the weak link of my country’s elderly care service system. In recent years, my country has vigorously promoted the county and village three-level rural elderly care service network in rural areas. At present, the shortcomings of the weak rural elderly care service system are being filled.

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Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the central budget has allocated a total of over 17.2 billion yuan of investment, focusing on supporting the construction and renovation of rural elderly care facilities. At present, more than 60% of the counties in my country have built a county-level support service facility for the extremely poor that can provide long-term care services for the disabled elderly, and 66% of the township nursing homes are gradually transformed into regional comprehensive elderly care service centers, extending services to villages and building rural areas. There were 132,000 mutual aid facilities for the elderly.

In the West Coast New Area of ​​Qingdao, Shandong, each town will build at least one home-based community elderly care service center with a size of more than 600 square meters, radiating the surrounding service stations, and creating a “15-minute elderly care service circle”.

By the end of 2021, 21.323 million low-income seniors across the country have received social assistance, and 3.717 million seniors have been included in special hardship assistance.

  Li Banghua, deputy director of the Department of Elderly Services of the Ministry of Civil Affairs:In the next step, we will further intensify efforts to promote the innovation of rural elderly care service models that are rooted in the local area, close to the villagers, and in line with the nostalgia, and increase the development of elderly care services such as centralized support, mutual assistance for the elderly, canteens for the elderly, and care and search for the left-behind elderly. People can also enjoy better elderly care services.

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