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Community of the Nacho Vives neighborhood opens paving

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The mayoress of the District of Santa Marta, Virna Jhonson, officially handed over the work of paving a road in the Nacho Vives neighborhood, in development of the ‘Mi Calle’ program.

This project was executed by the Sustainable Urban Development and Renewal Company in the 18A race between 1A and 1C streets, of that town.

The community was grateful to Mayor Virna Johnson for providing them with a better life in their community.

409 m2 of paving and 210 m2 of platforms were built, contributing to a better quality of life for all the residents of the neighborhood.

Jenny Sánchez, was one of the residents of the community and a member of the works committee, who was very happy with the work that they had been waiting for many years.

“This work changed the face of the block, of the houses, it improved the mobility of vehicles, cars and motorcycles traffic without inconvenience, which means that we can move easily.”

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With this work, more than 450 people from the sector were favored with the installation of 92 linear meters of drinking water pipes.

Likewise, the mayoress stressed that it was very satisfying to be able to fulfill the duty of delivering more works, through the ‘My street’ program, where one of its benefits is to motivate the community to work for the common good.

Taking into account the works carried out, it should be mentioned that Mayor Virna Johnson has already handed over several road projects, and has also recovered through ‘Mi Calle’ some roads in sectors such as Los Faroles, Los Laureles, Boulevard de The roses.

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The district administration hopes to start soon with new paving projects in other sectors of the City, which are already postulated by the community, likewise, they hope to do a good job and be delivered successfully as they have been done previously.

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