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Compensation process begins for victims of the genocide against the Patriotic Union

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Compensation process begins for victims of the genocide against the Patriotic Union

The Victims Unit has launched the compensation process for more than six thousand family members and direct victims of the genocide against members of the Patriotic Union (UP).

This action is carried out in compliance with a ruling issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on July 27, 2022.

The Commission for the identification of Victims of the Patriotic Union (UP), installed by President Gustavo Petro in October 2023, officially began its work on April 16. For one year, it will verify the identity and relationship of the victims to proceed with financial reparation.

It is estimated that there are 677 direct victims of forced disappearance, extrajudicial execution, torture, forced displacement, threats, injuries, attempted homicide and unfounded prosecution. In addition, there are 761 victims of violations of personal integrity, judicial guarantees and judicial protection, and 5,503 victims of serious human rights violations.

This reparation process represents a recognition of the victims for the extermination, persecution and stigmatization suffered by this political movement since 1985. Luz Stella Aponte, from the Reinicitar Corporation, expressed that “there were 30 years of denial by the State. No victim should be rejected, but embraced and accompanied in the process of reparation and justice for her.

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The resources for reparation will be provided by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and executed by the Special Administrative Unit for Comprehensive Care and Reparation of Victims (UARIV). Patricia Tobón Yagarí, director of the Victims Unit, pointed out that this process is a “historic opportunity to compensate the victims and advance in the vindication of their life processes.”

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The verification procedure includes the presentation of applications, provision of documents that establish identity and relationship, and a flexible standard of proof. The Commission may order additional evidence and the State has 60 days to exclude victims from Annexes II and III of the ruling.

Once the findings are completed, the UARIV will proceed to pay the financial compensation in accordance with the parameters ordered by the Inter-American Court.

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