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Competition, taxation and justice: the three reforms that risk the swamp

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Competition, taxation and justice: the three reforms that risk the swamp

There is not only the competition bill with the inextricable knot of bathing concessions. To worry the premier of the Council Mario Draghi and to push him to the urgent convocation of a Council of Ministers and to write to the President of the Senate Casellati is also the reform of the judicial system, which will arrive in the Senate Chamber only after the referendum of 12 June, as imposed by the League.
A postponement for the electoral campaign that was added to that of the fiscal delegation (reform also linked to the NRP) and the Aid decree. Result: a total paralysis of parliamentary activity or, to use a recurring image, all still in the swamp of the Chamber and Senate.

Hence the need for Palazzo Chigi to accelerate. «Leading a country in a difficult moment is a responsibility. But the responsibility is also to act, to do things, ”said Prime Minister Mario Draghi, reiterating to the middle students of Dante Alighieri Sommacampagna the principles that inspire his action at the helm of the country.

Balneari, the difficult negotiation

The bathing concessions are the last step to unblock the stalemate of the Competition bill, a crucial reform in the Pnrr key firmly in the Industry Committee in the Senate. The Government’s compass remains the Bolkestein directive and the sentence of the Council of State, according to which the concessions in place are effective until the end of next year and not until 2033. The government is unlikely to agree to extend the tenders beyond the end of 2023 but , before Draghi’s recall, we were thinking about the solution that provides for single technical derogations until 2024, also fixing compensation for investments to companies that do not obtain renewal after years of activity.

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To consider insufficient the point of mediation that had been reached after several meetings between the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Roberto Garofoli, the Deputy Minister for Economic Development Gilberto Pichetto (Fi) and the speakers in the Industry Committee in the Senate, Stefano Collina (Pd) and Paolo Ripamonti (Lega), had been the two center-right parties in the government, Forza Italia and Carroccio. The negotiation went on for three months after the amendment on the beach resorts was passed in the Council of Ministers on February 15. Now Draghi has set an impassable deadline: the Competition bill must go to the Senate by May 31, to then allow passage to the Chamber. If necessary, the government will resort to trust. It starts again on Tuesday 24th in commission.

Justice, reform in the Chamber on June 14 (after the referendum)

The reform of the judiciary and the CSM has also slowed down. The majority reached an agreement to bring the text to the Senate in the Chamber (the text was approved by the House at the end of April) on June 14, that is to say two days after the celebration of the referendums, as imposed by the League. The agreement was reached at a summit in the Senate, Thursday 19 May, which was attended by the Ministers of Justice Marta Cartabia and that of relations with the Parliament Federico D’Incà.

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