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Comprehensive law enforcement to enhance the “driving force” of waste classification

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Comprehensive law enforcement to enhance the “driving force” of waste classification

Release date: 2021-11-24 11:09

Source of information: Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau


Since the beginning of this year, the Haining Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has continuously increased the enforcement inspection and investigation of garbage classification, aiming to further promote the garbage classification, reduce the amount of garbage disposal, realize the reduction and resource utilization of garbage, and effectively improve the residents and merchants. , Enterprises, units and other responsible entities participate in the effectiveness of life classification, and promote source classification through end-of-line law enforcement, which provides a solid foundation for Haining City to promote the improvement of waste classification quality.

Special law enforcement, comprehensively expand the coverage of law enforcement inspections. Since the beginning of this year, the Haining Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has concentrated its law enforcement forces, fully utilized the Dingding Palm Law Enforcement system, carried out batch-type centralized law enforcement inspections across the city, reviewed and followed up on illegal issues discovered in a timely manner, filed investigations, and formed a deterrent to law enforcement. At the same time, it focused on industries where waste classification is relatively weak, such as enterprises, construction sites, and training institutions, and achieved good results. Starting in late October, the Director-General’s (High-tech Zone) team has carried out a “full coverage” inspection of corporate waste classification, went deep into the jurisdiction to re-promote, re-mobilize, and re-rectify, and promote the quality and efficiency of waste classification. Since the beginning of this year, 4507 law enforcement inspections on waste classification have been carried out, 918 correction notices have been issued, 755 illegal cases of waste classification have been investigated and dealt with, and 714 cases have been closed.

Innovate law enforcement, and comprehensively increase the participation in law enforcement inspections. In order to solve the problem of law enforcement harassment and continue to explore a new model of garbage classification law enforcement inspection, Haining City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau proposed a new “incidental” law enforcement model on the basis of “comprehensive inspection once”, and included garbage classification law enforcement inspection as a mandatory inspection item. In all special inspections, this measure not only achieves full coverage of inspection objects, but also brings garbage classification law enforcement inspections to every special inspection. It also helps increase the frequency of garbage classification inspections. On the one hand, it urges residents, businesses, enterprises, and units to take responsibility. The main body implements the garbage classification work and keeps in mind that the garbage classification is not slack. On the other hand, it also greatly reduces the problem of law enforcement harassment caused by multiple law enforcement in the past, and improves the efficiency of law enforcement.

Sunshine law enforcement, comprehensive and simultaneous law enforcement propaganda and education. Taking the opportunity of publicizing and implementing the “Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste of Zhejiang Province”, the municipal classification office has organized the garbage sorting advocates of various towns and sub-districts to set up a legal system propaganda group, carried out cross-preaching, and continuously strengthened the people’s legal awareness of garbage sorting. The Bureau Xieqiao Team integrates education, guidance, and services into law enforcement management, and unites with the township and urban and rural management offices and other departments, as well as community properties, to give full play to the role of publicity and leadership. Since the beginning of this year, the promotion team has carried out more than 10 lectures on the legal system of garbage classification in the city, and more than 600 people have participated in the training. At the same time, in the process of law enforcement, we always adhere to the combination of law enforcement and law popularization, and publicize waste classification laws and regulations through printing and distribution of publicity materials, WeChat public account promotion, etc., and strive to create a good way for the whole society to pay attention to, participate in, support, and supervise waste classification. Atmosphere.

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