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Compressing the approval time limit to save people’s time (doing practical things to solve people’s concerns and exploring implementation on the front line)

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Once the construction is complete, the Agricultural Comprehensive Service Center and the Natural Resources Office will conduct acceptance checks. “Our house is under strict management, and we hope for peace of mind,” said Hu Lanfang.

Yu Lei emphasized the importance of integrating safety requirements into the approval and supervision processes. “It is not enough to just expedite the approval process. We must also ensure that the construction is done safely and meets the necessary standards,” he said.

The efforts of Ziyang District in improving the efficiency and safety of rural construction have been well-received by local villagers. Xiong Liming expressed his gratitude for the streamlined approval process and the increased supervision to ensure safety. “I feel comfortable and at ease knowing that my house is being built according to regulations,” he said.

The focus on rural construction is part of the broader efforts of Ziyang District to address people’s livelihood issues and provide practical solutions to the challenges faced by the local community. By shortening approval time limits and saving villagers’ time, the district is making significant progress in improving the quality of rural construction and strengthening grassroots government affairs.

The upgraded “rural construction, one thing at a time” review and management system is a step forward in streamlining and integrating the approval process for rural construction. With the support of the “Internet + Government Services” platform, villagers can now handle the entire approval process with minimal hassle, minimizing the time and cost involved in getting their construction projects off the ground.

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Furthermore, the full assistance and agency services provided by the local government, as well as the free house design drawings and safety supervision, demonstrate the district’s commitment to ensuring that rural construction is carried out efficiently and safely.

With its comprehensive approach to rural construction, Ziyang District is setting an example for other regions in addressing the urgent, difficult, and anxious problems of the masses. By focusing on practical solutions and exploring implementation on the frontline, the district is making significant strides in improving the living standards of its residents.

The positive feedback from villagers like Xiong Liming and Hu Lanfang is a testament to the success of the district’s efforts in rural construction. As winter sets in and construction projects continue, the measures implemented by Ziyang District are expected to have a lasting impact on the local community, providing a solid foundation for future development and progress.

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