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Comunali 2021, in the divided Cordignano Campaign wins

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The division in the center-right between the outgoing mayor and his councilor has rewarded the second

CORDIGNANO. In the divided center-right he wins Roberto Campagna. This is the outcome of the elections in the Treviso municipality where, during the election campaign, there was a divorce between the outgoing mayor Alessandro Biz, 47, and his councilor and former mayor Roberto Campagna, 56. A contrast between the civic “Tutti per Cordignano” of Biz, and “Cordignano Viva” of Campagna. Observing the feud was Luca De Re, 49, a candidate for “Insieme per Cordignano”, a civic firm well anchored to the ground of the center-left.

The civic of Campagna prevailed in a clear way with over 60% of the preferences. Biz stopped at 24%, the center-left who hoped to gain ground in the differences of others stopped at 15%

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