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Concern in Cali over repeated forest fires

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Concern in Cali over repeated forest fires

A forest fire registered in the vicinity of the Tres Cruces hill in Cali was controlled after seven hours of intense work.

This conflagration began in the La Huaca sector; punctually on the border between the corregimientos of Golondrinas and Montebello, where more than 50 firefighters worked to stop it.

This emergency was managed to shut down around midnight. In addition, no people were reported injured by the fire on the Cerro de las Tres Cruces.

The first flames were registered in the afternoon and turned into a large column of smoke, although this conflagration was detected in time, due to the conditions of the terrain and the winds, several complications arose to be controlled.

DAGMA evaluation:

The DAGMA ecosystem team, after a verification tour carried out in the area affected by the forest fire, managed to put out four hot spots.

This natural mishap was controlled by the Cali Volunteer Firefighters and personnel from the Risk Management Secretariat, on the road to the Golondrinas corregimiento.

“Fortunately in the field of wildlife we ​​did not find any animals, no evident affectation on any individual and the impact on the flora, shows us the burning of smaller tree individuals such as the chagualos, mortiños and other short species”, said Mauricio Salazar, coordinator of the DAGMA Ecosystems team.

This fire was quickly brought under control thanks to the community warning that, through the Early, Intelligent and Community Alert System, the rapid reaction of relief agencies was allowed.

“This forest fire spread over at least 7 hectares of the Las Tres Cruces hill and 50 firefighters and 8 machines were needed to control it,” said Srahyrlandy Rocío Díaz, undersecretary for disaster management in Cali.


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