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Concern in Capsol residents for alleged cracks

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Concern in Capsol residents for alleged cracks


The Capsol parish, in Chunchi, is vulnerable and critical, after the discovery of cracks of approximately 45 to 60 cm, which would affect several communities in the parish.

Inspections continue in the area affected by alleged cracks in Capsol.

In previous days, the Chunchi cantonal COE in conjunction with the Municipality would have declared, through a permanent session, some resolutions that the inhabitants must take into account. In the same way, a meeting would have been held between the deputy mayor of the canton; Laura Aguirre and the former governor of Chimborazo; Iván Vinueza, with the purpose of establishing strategies and actions before the winter season that the canton is going through and seeking prevention for the time of the El Niño phenomenon. “In the first place, it is everyone’s responsibility, the authorities and their people, to seek a social balance, we must seek the mechanisms, means and paths necessary to solve the problems. The current situation that the Capsol parish and its communities are going through: Piñancay, Verdepamba, Pasaloma and Yaute, is worrying since as time has passed, some abras have appeared in the territory and this has alarmed the inhabitants of the sector, since Houses are breaking up, the road and the cobblestones are beginning to rise up,” said Laura Aguirre, deputy mayor of the canton.

Given the situation, the local authorities, together with the cantonal COE, have decided to prevent the loss of human lives, for which reason they have unanimously decided to transfer the inhabitants of the Piñancay community to a shelter established in the League Coliseum. Cantonal de Chunchi, “we have decided to evacuate people, especially from the Piñancay sector since it is the community that would suffer the most in the event of a landslide, the shelter is available at night for them to go to sleep and in the mornings they decide go to their daily work, what is intended is to avoid a tragedy like the one that occurred in our neighboring canton, Alausí, in previous months,” Aguirre stressed.

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For his part, Fausto Villa, president of the Parish Council, mentioned that they are working jointly with the GADM of Chunchi, in the evacuation of water from reservoirs, lagoons and ditches. “With the machinery of the municipality we are working hard to remove these waters that accumulate when it rains, in the same way materials from the parish and the manual help of the presidents and people from the different communities who help us in cleaning and monitoring of any activity planned to avoid a landslide”, he also mentioned that more than 150 people have been activated to carry out bleeding works and repair droughts that are misused”, he concluded.

Both Aguirre and Villa agree that we must be aware and take things seriously, in the same way they called attention to the authorities, the National Risk Secretariat, the Interior, the Prefecture, among others, to continue collaborating with what is required. in the community to avoid the loss of human lives in the sector. Villa mentioned that the residents need psychological help and in view of this, Aguirre stressed that it is the obligation of the Ministry of Health to assist with not only psychological but also medical aid in the face of these events.

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