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Conegliano, retired, unmasks the scammer of the mirror

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Conegliano, retired, unmasks the scammer of the mirror

A “bait” mirror for the most classic of street scams

The elderly man did not lose heart and after having handed over the hundred euros by mistake he wrote down the plate of the runaway criminal, then identified and reported

CONEGLIANO. For once, the mirror scam fails and, indeed, the scammer brings home a complaint. All thanks to a pensioner, who notes the license plate number of the scammer’s car and thus brings the perpetrator of the fraud to justice.

A 52-year-old, with already several criminal records behind him for fraud, had put in place the “classic” trick of the mirror in Mareno. He had chosen his prey, an elderly man, and with the usual technique he had let himself be overtaken on the street, simulating a collision had occurred. The episode had taken place in via Cal Longa. The 75-year-old Marenese stopped, fearing that he had really caused the accident and was being chased. As usual, the scammer staged the story that with insurance the practices would have been complicated and would have increased the premium to be paid for the policy and there would also be the risk of complaints.

He explained that to solve everything he would be “satisfied” with the usual 100 euros. The elder had to hand over the money, fearing that he was really responsible for the accident. At the same time, however, he sensed that there was something anomalous, he marked the number plate of the car when the criminal walked away. The episode was reported to the carabinieri of the Susegana station, who started the investigations and traced the identity of the scammer motorist thanks to the vehicles and the reflexes of the elderly. Today the 52-year-old, who does not have a permanent home and has several precedents with justice, was denounced for the crime of fraud.

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