Home News Conegliano, six “urban Daspo” take off towards annoying drunkards in the center

Conegliano, six “urban Daspo” take off towards annoying drunkards in the center

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Conegliano, six “urban Daspo” take off towards annoying drunkards in the center

Local police checks at the Fontana dei Cavalli

Local police announce hard line. Four young people who “lived” at the Fountain of the Horses have also moved away

CONEGLIANO. Six measures of temporary expulsion from the city, for as many people, including a woman, were issued by the local police. Today the urban daspo was notified to four individuals who are part of the group of adults who create disturbance in the benches near the fountain of horses. On Saturday, the provision was instead issued for two young Italians, second generation North African immigrants, stopped at the Biscione, with a history of drugs. The fine is 100 euros each, with a 48-hour ban on return. If they are found again in the city center, a higher fine will be issued for the six. The provision will be forwarded to the Police Headquarters, which may increase the daspo up to one year.

“These are well-known personalities – explains the commander Claudio Mallamace -. It has been contested that they remain drinking and occupy the spaces and the removal order has been triggered, after which the report is made to the Police Headquarters “. The start of the urban daspo had been unanimously approved at the end of May by the city council, one of the few points that unites majority and opposition. The checks will continue to remove other “unwanted subjects” as well. The local police, with the staff that has been increased, can now carry out daily shifts even with a foot patrol.

“Controls will be increasingly tightened, with the recruitment of new agents we have restored the patrol on foot every day – says Commander Mallamace -. 94 services were done in this 2022, now they are there every day. The patrol on foot moves between the Biscione and the center, always ready to intervene. The hard fist will be used ».

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