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Conegliano, sixty thousand euros to support businesses and shops

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Conegliano, sixty thousand euros to support businesses and shops

Anti-crisis initiative in Conegliano. Contribution from the Municipality of over 60,000 euros for loans to traders, artisans and small businesses, as well as 9,000 euros for start-ups with an eye to under 35s and women. The Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of initiatives aimed at facilitating liquidity for companies in the Conegliano area was signed today in the council chamber of the town hall in Piazza Cima.

Signatories, in addition to the Municipality (mayor Fabio Chies), Cofitre – Consorzio Fidi Trevigiano (president Piergiovanni Maschietto), Canova Artisan Guarantee Cooperative of the Marca Trevigiana (Giovanni Scapol), Consorzio Veneto Guarantees (Mario Citron) and Fidimpresa&Turismo Veneto (Massimo Zanon). The support of two local banks, Banca della Marca and Banca Prealpi SanBiagio, and the collaboration of the trade associations, Ascom, Cna, artigianato Trevigiano and Confartigianato are essential.

«This is an important intervention to support trade which is suffering so much – said Chies – for this reason we have tried to put in place what we could to give support. It is fundamental to have created a network, with the will to support, each according to their own competences, the realities of the territory». The councilor for commerce Yuri Dario underlined the willingness to help the greatest number of companies with a “tender that compared to the previous ones is structured in a different way and allows to face new needs”, such as access to credit with advantageous conditions and with certain times to face the new economic emergency.

The Municipality has thus allocated 60,320 euros, plus a further sum of 9,000 euros (1,000 euros per company, 1,500 in the case of under 35s or women), as a one-off contribution aimed at further reducing the bank interest rate for start-ups and going concern companies. The action supports the Cofidi which will guarantee medium-term (for investments and liquidity) and short-term (liquidity) loans. Cofidi will therefore be “guarantors” for the small and micro-enterprises of Conegliano. There are two types of support, one for investments, liquidity and inventories, another for opening current account credit. Advances on export and import invoices are also provided.

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«We thank the administration for the sensitivity and attention towards this type of help – comments the president of Ascom Conegliano, Maurizio Gibin – it concerns traders and other acronyms, such as artisans and other types of businesses. In fact, the expensive bills and energy are messing up our economic plans, they greatly affect the final costs. I thank everyone for this intervention which will allow liquidity to be introduced into micro and small businesses”. “Pouring wealth into the territory, by helping companies work, increases the social well-being of the whole territory,” added Serverino Dal Bo’, president of the Conegliano district of Confartigianato.

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