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Congress of the Republic approved increased collection of the Universidad del Cauca stamp – news

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Congress of the Republic approved increased collection of the Universidad del Cauca stamp – news

The issuance of the stamp, which is for $40,000,000,000, will increase to $300,000,000,000 with the modification of Law 1177 of 2007.

The University of Cauca will have important resources, upon approval on February 20, 2024 by the Congress of the Republic, the modification of Law 1177 of 2007, which authorized the issuance of the University of Cauca 180-year Stamp, which means a considerable increase in the institution’s resources, raising the collection from forty billion pesos ($40,000,000,000) to three hundred billion pesos ($300,000,000,000).

The initiative was presented as an ordinary law with four debates: two in the House, the first in the Third Economic Commission, it went to the plenary session of that legislative cell, later it reached the Senate, where it had two other debates: in the Economic Commission and in the plenary session, which concluded its legislative process.

To increase collection through the stamp, the directors of the University of Cauca prepared a document at the end of 2022 requesting the Congress of the Republic to modify Law 1117, an initiative that was welcomed by the parliamentary bench of the department of Cauca , which after meetings with university directors, presented it for processing through the secretariat of the Third Commission of the House of Representatives, as representative Jorge Hernán Bastidas Rosero explained to the newspaper La Campana. “We (parliamentarians) subscribe to the record as authors or co-authors of the bill,” he indicated.

Achieving this new amount will depend on the level of collection generated by the stamp, according to the rate and its tax base, which corresponds to public contracting at the national, departmental and municipal levels, except for contracts for the provision of services, signed. with natural persons.

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In 17 years since the Stamp Law was created, $39,784,461,079 have been collected, which means that the goal set of $40,000,000,000 for 2007 would be met.

After the presidential sanction, it will be up to the Assembly of the Department to carry out the regulation, characteristics, rates and other matters related to the mandatory use of the stamp in departmental and municipal activities and operations, as well as in all acts and operations of the decentralized institutes and national entities that operate in Cauca. The aim is to increase the percentage of the collection, which is currently 0.5%, to at least 5%.

The collection for this concept is made by the Department’s Treasury, which transfers it bimonthly to the University of Cauca, in that sense, according to the rector Deibar René Hurtado Herrera, the process has improved a lot, it is more agile, both on the part of the Government as well as Unicauca itself.

The resources obtained through this Law will become effective starting in 2025, since the contributions are collected during the year 2024 once the Ordinance is issued and will be reflected starting the following year.

With these monies, infrastructure works that the University needs will be carried out and, at the same time, it will leverage other strategic axes, including administrative modernization, greater coverage and regional presence, solidarity and academic excellence.

Regarding the increase in stamp collection, rector Hurtado Herrera said that it is very important for the education of southwestern Colombia. That this achievement would not have been possible without the decision of the senators and representatives, the support of the work teams and other actors involved. He highlighted the management of the rapporteur senator, Carlos Benavídez, who played a fundamental role in achieving this objective.

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