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Construction of a dam in Villanueva advances to prevent flooding in a village – news

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Construction of a dam in Villanueva advances to prevent flooding in a village – news

The JEP summoned for September 18 and 19, in Yopal, the Hearing to Acknowledge the Truth of the Casanare Subcase – Case 03.

In the judicial proceeding, 21 members of the Army, an official from the extinct DAS and two civilians accused of ‘false positives’ will accept responsibility for participating in the execution of murders and disappearances that were illegitimately presented as combat casualties.

During the hearing, which takes place within the framework of one of the investigations carried out by the Truth Recognition Chamber in six prioritized areas in Case 03, the 24 responsible will recognize the war crimes and crimes against humanity charged. In addition, they will refer to the damage caused to the victims, as well as the criminal organization that was established in the 16th Brigade between 2005 and 2008.

Among those appearing summoned to the public hearing, as mediate authors, are Major General (r) Henry William Torres Escalante, Major (r) Gustavo Enrique Soto Bracamonte and Lieutenant Colonel (r) Henry Hernán Acosta Pardo. The JEP concluded that they participated in the murder of 303 people, in 218 events that occurred in Casanare, Boyacá, Meta and Arauca.


Likewise, they have been summoned to judicial proceedings: Cesar Augusto Combita Slava, Jorge Eduwin Gordillo Benitez, Wilfrido Dominguez Marquez, Gildardo Antonio Jimenez Castrillon, Wilson Camargo Tamayo, Jaime Alberto Rivera Mahecha, Edwin Leonardo Toro Ramirez, John Alexander Suancha Florian, Gelver Perez Garcia, Marcolino Puerto Jimenez, Marco Fabian Garcia Cespedes, Miguel Andres Sierra Garcia, Erwin Eduardo Duarte Rojas, Alexander Gonzalez Almario, Wilson Rodriguez Mimisica, Miguel Fernando Ramirez, Zamir Humberto Casallas Valderrama, Fiber Alberto Amaya Ruiz and Orlando Rivas Tovar.

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To all of them, the Recognition Chamber attributed the war crime of homicide of a protected person and the crimes against humanity of murder and forced disappearance. And, for some, the war crimes of using children and adolescents to participate in hostilities, as well as the crime against humanity of persecution for reasons of gender.

The Truth Recognition Hearing is an opportunity to contribute to the satisfaction and dignity of the victims. As part of the judicial proceeding, the 22 most responsible and two non-determining participants must go from the written acknowledgment that they already delivered to the JEP magistracy, to a public acknowledgment of the atrocities before the justice system, the victims and society.

The restorative effects of this public acknowledgment may mean the most direct opportunity for those responsible to meet the victims’ demands for responsibility and truth. Among other things, the defendants must provide detailed truth about individual facts in the terms of their participation in the criminal plan and, in addition, name and accept the damages caused.

For seven months, a group of professional experts from the JEP has worked on preparing this public hearing, both with victims and those appearing. This is a process that leads to ensuring that the diligence publicly seals a commitment for the future between those who suffered the damage, those who caused it, and society in general, to reestablish the social fabric fractured by serious crimes.

To date, there have been three preparatory restorative meetings with victims in the city of Yopal, six consultation meetings with representatives of victims, two virtual meetings with representatives of appearing parties, four preparatory restorative meetings with appearing parties, and one individual preparatory leveling meeting with the last defendant.

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Of the 26 accused for the crimes committed in Casanare, two officers did not accept responsibility and will be investigated by the Investigation and Accusation Unit (UIA) of the JEP.

Source: Special Jurisdiction for Peace – JEP

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