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Construction of the Huila Science Center is postponed

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Construction of the Huila Science Center is postponed

Faced with questions made, and publications made by regional media as a result of a bulletin issued by the Attorney General’s Office, regarding the project.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MINCIENCIAS carried out the public, open and competitive Call No. 16 of 2021 whose objective was to form lists of eligible project proposals in the field of Social Appropriation of Knowledge, Public Communication and Vocations of CTeI for the consolidation of a knowledge society in the territories in accordance with the demands defined by the CODECTI, addressed to Participation Mechanism 3, Proposals for projects focused on Science Centers.

Given the foregoing, the Departmental Government made the request and process for the total release of resources from investment projects financed and co-financed with resources from the General System of Royalties before the entity or instance that approved the investment project, before the visit of the Attorney General’s Office. .

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Given the alleged loss of resources according to control entities, the Government refuted this and notified that it had been in order to protect public resources from royalties, that the release of these resources was requested, and the express request was made that these be preserved. important resources for the development of CTeI projects in the Department of Huila.

The project was presented in the present period of government. Likewise, from the SGR allocations CTel Call 2021, they were $20.800 million; Comfamiliar’s own resources $8,695 million; and own resources of the University Corporation of Huila CORHUILA $354 million.

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Finally, the Family Compensation Fund of Huila – COMFAMILIAR, will build a recreational project on the same land and with its own resources.

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