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Consumers beware: solar systems are particularly cheap in autumn 2023

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Consumers beware: solar systems are particularly cheap in autumn 2023

If you want to buy a solar system, now is the right time. Prices are falling month after month – even though demand remains high.

Berlin – Something interesting can be observed in the solar industry: prices are falling, although demand remains high. After last year’s increasing demand in the wake of the energy crisis led to delivery bottlenecks and months-long waiting times, the trend has reversed. This is very good news for interested parties – and time to take action.

Prices for solar systems fall by up to 36 percent

Since January 2023, the prices for solar systems in Germany have been according to the price index pvxchange dropped by 30 to 36 percent, depending on the performance of the module. “Never since records began have prices plummeted so significantly in such a short space of time,” writes Martin Schachinger, the founder and managing director of the solar platform. This is extremely dangerous for the industry; it is “a matter of survival”. But it’s not bad news for consumers if the price drops so much.

Schachinger explains in his Blog entry about the situation in September 2023, how all of this could happen. First of all, it must be made clear what boom the industry has experienced since 2020. Demand skyrocketed, even faster when the war of aggression against Ukraine began and the issue of energy independence came to the fore. Manufacturers were barely able to keep up with demand and prices rose as a result. Since 2020, prices have risen by 50 percent, says Schachinger.

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Employees of a company assemble photovoltaic modules on the roof of a residential building.

© Marijan Murat/dpa

In order to meet the high demand, production capacities were increased. Most solar suppliers come from China, which is now “happily producing for the European market,” according to the PV expert. But they probably completely overestimated the boom and produced so much more that there is now an overhang. Demand remains high, but not as high as the Chinese predicted. In order to get rid of their goods, they sell at dumping prices – to the advantage of consumers. And ruin for German manufacturers.

Subsidies for German manufacturers under discussion

Accordingly, politicians in this country are apparently thinking about introducing subsidies for German solar manufacturers. They can no longer compete with Chinese prices and are either stuck with their goods or have to sell well below production costs. This is ruinous for many companies.

In the summer, companies were asked about their interest in subsidies. “Numerous sketches were received on time,” said the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. These are now being examined and the EU Commission must later give its approval.

In the meantime, according to Martin Schachinger, many companies are waiting. It is hoped that demand will increase again so significantly that a balance can be achieved. In China, production capacities would be reduced again. “So everything now depends on where the journey takes us.”

Rubriklistenbild: © Marijan Murat/dpa

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