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Conte and Renzi, solo race for the third pole

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Conte and Renzi, solo race for the third pole

Unblocking of credits and restoration of the building Superbonus to 110% of the origins. Legal minimum wage. Defense of citizenship income. And of course, a hard and pure ecological transition, without failing on regasifiers or waste-to-energy plants. Other than Agenda Draghi. For Giuseppe Conte’s M5s, rather, we would need the Parisi Agenda (Giorgio, the Nobel Prize for physics who is very committed to the fight against climate change). In the end, the former premier finds himself alone, no longer the alliance with the Democratic Party that characterized the season of his second government, Conte 2, and without even the left of Nicola Fratoianni Angelo Bonelli who, despite the furious controversies of these days, today they will sign an agreement with the dem secretary Enrico Letta to stay in the democratic and progressive coalition. So Five Stars alone, hard and pure as in the beginning.

A bit difficult, to tell the truth, to convince the historical voters of the movement with the narration of an unlikely return to origins after leading two very different governments (Conte 1 with the League and Conte 2 with the Democratic Party) and having supported the Draghi government of the very wide agreements. But the fundamental reason that led Conte to “defenestrate” Mario Draghi was the unstoppable decline of the M5s in the polls: now the challenge is to keep him above 10% by focusing precisely on the solitary race and on an alternative agenda to that so much evoked by Draghi. . It is no coincidence that Conte never misses an opportunity to criticize his successor. Yesterday it was the turn of the measure on teachers contained in the Aid bis decree: “Yesterday the Draghi government decided that 1% of teachers, after a training course, in 10 years can be defined as experts and receive a check of 5,650 euros . This is not our idea of ​​a country: in Italy we have teachers with the lowest salaries in Europe ».

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Programming issues aside, Conte now has to compile the electoral lists without being able to count on the ruling class of the movement, apart from Minister Stefano Patuanelli, due to the niet placed by the Guarantor Beppe Grillo to re-nominate those who have already made two terms. The future elected members will be selected by the online parliamentarians which will be held on August 16, just five days before the deadline for submitting the lists, while Conte should choose the capilista. Even if the appeal by the usual lawyer Lorenzo Borrè is already ready: “Reading and rereading the statute I do not find the prediction of the power of the president to choose the capilista”. Meanwhile, Alessandro Di Battista, with whom Conte has heard a lot in the last few hours, is on the way back into the movement: the right face for the narration of the return to origins.

A run-up to the Third Pole, that of Conte, who nevertheless finds another fierce competitor on the field: the former premier Matteo Renzi, the one who brought down the Conte 2 paving the way for Draghi. And precisely under the banner of the Draghi Agenda the electoral campaign of Italia Viva will be played, in opposition to all the programmatic points of Conte: from the citizenship income which for Renzi should even be abolished to the overcoming of the Superbonus at 110% until the opening of nuclear. The goal is 5%, to be still tip of the scales in the next legislature. More prosaically Renzi hopes, with the solitary race, to exceed the threshold of 3% to return to Parliament with a small patrol of loyalists. But there is time until August 21, and the doors of the Democratic Party remain open for the secretary who brought the dem to 40%: especially if the agreement between Letta and the left of Fratoianni and Bonelli were to skip, Renzi could return for a corner . But in the meantime the construction of the Third Pole continues: in these hours contacts are underway with the former mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti and with other first “liberal and moderate” citizens. It would be a great blow for Renzi to snatch the “civic” Pizzarotti from the wide field, in recent weeks also courted by Luigi di Maio for his civic commitment list.

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