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Conte and the premiership dream: “In due course we will choose the coalition leader, but the primaries don’t scare me”

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«On the electoral law, my opinion is that the ideal does not exist: it interprets the historical moment you live. I take the liberty of saying that in this historical phase in which there are so many differences and different sensitivities, I am thinking of a proportional with a threshold of 5% “. Thus expressed the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, guest of Atreju, in a public interview that touched on various topics. “I would also be in favor of a legislative pact.”

Conte, however, also explained that he did not believe in the possibility of a constituent phase. «I take the liberty of saying that I have made some proposals: I do not believe that there is now the prospect of giving life to a constituent phase. Now something concrete is needed: let’s sign the constructive distrust, without changing the general approach, let’s do it as in Germany, ”he said. “Then we could introduce that trust is taken in joint chambers, third we can think about the premier who has the possibility to revoke the mandate of the ministers. Stability is needed: we cannot have a government that lasts a year ».

On the hypothesis of going to vote before the end of the legislature, Conte played the part of what is holding back: “Voters must vote but once they have come out of an emergency context: I do not hope for a legislature where people go to vote every year “.

Above all, the people’s advocate did not hold back even in the face of the thorny question of the leadership of the future center-left M5S coalition: “In due course – he said – we will decide the best criterion for choosing the coalition leader, but it doesn’t scare me the hypothesis of making the primary “. He talked about his income, pointing out how thin they are at the moment: «I haven’t taken a penny for several months because I am on university leave and I gave up being a lawyer. I had some savings on the part and field of that as long as I can ».

The renunciation of the candidacy for the supplementary is already behind him: «Enrico Letta made this proposal very courteously, I expressed my perplexity to him. He made a gesture of courtesy, I don’t think he was upset ». While the tension between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi remains high. Conte says: «I feel taken into a different perspective from the center-right: I want to read you a message, I don’t say from who it is. On twitter I read: “Every five-star should stay out of any activity other than selling the chinotto at the stadium …”. I would never offend the electorate of Fdi and I would never set myself the goal of destroying FdI. I have no problems with Calenda and Renzi, maybe they have problems … ». Where the reference to a recent tweet by Carlo Calenda against the Five Stars is clear. A passage, the one on FdI, greeted with applause.

The people’s advocate also returns to his recent appreciation for the Knight. And confirms his opinion: The good things done by Berlusconi? «In 1994 he had the ability to interpret the bipolar sentiment that was latent in the country following the outcome of Mani Pulite. Perhaps I would also recognize that it has helped push parties that were more to the right towards a more modern right of government ».

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