Home News Conte watches the Prima della Scala at the Opera in Milan with the recipients of the Rdc: “I’m happy to see her here with you”

Conte watches the Prima della Scala at the Opera in Milan with the recipients of the Rdc: “I’m happy to see her here with you”

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Conte watches the Prima della Scala at the Opera in Milan with the recipients of the Rdc: “I’m happy to see her here with you”

«As Prime Minister they had invited me to the Prima della Scala and I was never able to go: I’m happy to see her here with you». The President of the Five Star Movement Giuseppe Conte speaks at the Opera Cardinal Ferrari in Milan, a structure that has welcomed people in difficulty since 1921, where a screen has been set up to be able to watch the show, taking place a few kilometers further towards the center city. Here Conte, after the Turin stop at the “Asili Notturni” OdV, meets some recipients of the basic income and volunteers of Caritas Ambrosiana. To the audience in the hall he says he does not want to make a rally, and his speech lasts just over ten minutes, but he repeatedly reiterates the defense of what he defines as “a minimum measure of social protection”. After the intervention of the President of the Opera Cardinal Ferrari, Pasquale Seddio, who underlined the danger “for a large part of the middle class of slipping into poverty”, Conte recounts that “From North to South many people ask us to help them have dignity » because «everyone can happen to be in difficulty».

In his speech, he explains several times what he believes to be the political line of the Movement: «We are convinced that politics must pursue the common good and choose solutions to improve people’s lives: politics is such if it undertakes to come to the rescue above all of the last, of the most needy – says Conte – not of those who already have, who are then the ones who often press in Parliament to request interventions ». He says he is available to changes to the Citizenship Income but never to its abolition, and returns to the “media campaign” which, according to him, has too often focused on the “fraudulent behavior” linked to this measure. According to Conte “frauds always happen, it is inevitable: there is no reform that has provided for subsidies that have had less than 1%”. He then cites the second paragraph of article 3 of the Constitution, which focuses on the removal of obstacles that prevent the full development of the person and the participation of all workers in the political and social organization of the country, defining it as “the most beautiful”, adding that the action of the M5s will go in the direction of not having “series A and series B citizens”. There are three stories that speak before the President of the M5s, including that of Silvana, a mother of two who, after losing a precarious job, found herself with an executive eviction, and defines the basic income as “a fundamental aid for be able to eat”.

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Before entering the Opera Cardinal Ferrari, the president of the M5s replies to those who accuse him of fomenting hatred, after the threats addressed to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “Social unease and suffering risk unleashing frustration and despair, we must offer political responses. We always invite everyone to keep the signs of protest in a peaceful channel and they certainly cannot accuse us, if not in bad faith, of fueling threats, which are to be condemned without ifs and buts”. Turning to politics, regarding the possible agreement for the regional ones in Lombardy between the M5s and the Pd, Conte underlines that if at the end of the ongoing dialogue process “there is sharing, the premises can be created to be able to also offer a competitive political proposal but that starts from serious contents that are essential for us». On the other hand, the situation in Lazio was different: «when we asked questions, the result was that the next day they said “we’re going to D’Amato”. We talked about content and programs and they responded with an armored candidate. Well, if they hold on to it and good luck.’

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