Home News Controversy over sex video trends on TikTok opens debate

Controversy over sex video trends on TikTok opens debate

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Controversy over sex video trends on TikTok opens debate

the chinese platform TikTok is the most used social network of the moment Thanks to its popular videos and attractive formats, however, over the past month some user-posted sexual trends have gone viral.

Accumulate TikTok more than 1.2 billion users to date and continues to amaze the world every day with trends, dances, songs, humorous videos and all kinds of attractive content, however, it has also lent itself to risque content.

This has been seen in the latest trends, as the trends in English are known, in which men and women post obscene photos or videos, in underwear, and even going so far as to show their private parts.

Among these are viral videos such as “They tell me 001”, where men use the drawing filter so that the artificial woman draws an image of their private parts.

In turn, women have taken advantage of the boom of this filter to do the same or to make the video of “a worker without clothes”where in photo sequences clothes are being removed.

However, this has not stopped there, since it has gotten out of control show uncensored your own photos of your private parts in small spaces of the videos.

This has opened the debate to the platform’s policies, since it is consumed by both children and adults and, according to Internet users, it has become a space that can even border on pornography sites.

In that sense, the Chinese application It has among its rules the prohibition of content such as nudesbut it does not prohibit partially showing the body, so young people have taken the opportunity to do viral challenges that have reached millions.

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Given this, some users have asked that the rules be tightened and don’t let TikTok be a completely adult spacebut have not received a response.

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