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Controversy with arbitration in Colombia

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Controversy with arbitration in Colombia

Former referee Wilmer Barahona spoke and made a serious complaint regarding some anomalies in Colombian arbitration. In recent times, Colombian soccer has been highly criticized for arbitration, since day after day some errors by referees become a trend.

By: Hernán Galindo M.

Photo: Caracol Radio

Despite the fact that VAR arrived in our country a couple of years ago, the controversies do not stop in the matches. On this occasion, what caused the greatest concern was the information provided by former referee Wilmer Barahona, who denounced some irregularities.

The referee revealed that an audio was released in which a judge talks about gifts and money to whistle games. These were revealed exclusively on ‘Blog Deportivo’, from ‘Gol Caracol’.

Next, the statements of Wilmer Barahona:

What is the irregularity?

“Months ago I have had information from several Colombian arbitrator associations, in which the arbitrators internally state that, supposedly, some of them deliver gifts or money.

That has been going on for about a year. A few days ago I received an audio in which an active referee speaks, where he expresses the same thing. That’s a pretty awkward situation.

The idea expressed by some referees is that supposedly some deliver gifts or money to be named more frequently, either in the Colombian league or tournament.”

*On the repercussions of this fact

«Today I have not been able to leave my house because they have filled me with messages in which they tell me that it is true, but it is also important to say that there is no evidence on the subject.

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The minimum that is requested is that the Commission of the Colombian Football Federation investigate this, because it does not belong to one, it belongs to many referees. From Antioquia, from Valle and now with this situation of an active collegiate that the audios of him were leaked, where he talks about this situation because it is quite worrying. And it must be investigated to find out if it is true or not.

How was the audio leaked?
«These audios reached the hands of the Arbitration Commission before the preseason. This entity is very angry about the issue and I understand that the dismissal of the referee was requested. The Federation was told that such a referee cannot belong to the arbitration panel, however, the referee presented physical and theoretical tests, and until now he continues to be part of the referee staff.

Who is the referee involved in the audios?
“I have the audios, but I did not want to give names because this is a very sensitive issue.”

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