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Convictions in the Münster abuse complex are final

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The Federal Court of Justice confirmed the long prison sentences imposed by the Münster Regional Court and the preventive detention ordered in the Münster abuse complex. The LG had sentenced four men to prison terms of between ten and 14 years for serious sexual abuse of children in several cases and ordered their placement in preventive detention. The mother of a defendant had been sentenced to five years in prison for being an accessory.

Two boys sexually abused in a gazebo

According to the findings of the Münster Regional Court, the four male defendants had been living out their pedosexual tendencies to varying degrees for a long time before they met each other through chats and internet forums. The conviction by the regional court was due, among other things, to acts in a gazebo on a weekend in April 2020. On the occasion of the birthday of one of the defendants, they met there to sexually abuse two boys, aged five and ten at the time, over a period of several days . The older boy was also sedated for this purpose. The accused carried out numerous sexual acts on both children, some of them together. The mother of one of the accused gave the garden shed to her son and the other accused as entitled, knowing of the forthcoming acts of abuse. She also encouraged the other defendants in their actions.

Procedure legally concluded

The defendants had complained about the violation of procedural and substantive law. As the Federal Court of Justice announced, the review of the judgment that had been initiated in this respect – beyond the discontinuation of the proceedings in accordance with Section 154 (2) StPO in one case – did not result in any legal error to the detriment of the accused. The Fourth Criminal Senate therefore rejected the revisions as unfounded in accordance with the applications of the Federal Public Prosecutor. The procedure is thus legally concluded.

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on BGH, decision of 09.05.2023 – 4 StR 119/22

Editorial office beck-aktuell, June 7, 2023.

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