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Coronavirus Italy, today’s July 31 bulletin: 6,513 new cases and 16 deaths

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Coronavirus Italy, today’s July 31 bulletin: 6,513 new cases and 16 deaths




Intensive care reopens in South Tyrol, which in the last 24 hours has gone from zero to three patients. There are now five admissions to normal hospital wards. The latest Covid bulletin from the South Tyrolean Health Authority indicates zero deaths and – for the third consecutive day – 27 new cases: 14 through 705 PCR swabs and 13 by analyzing 3,282 antigen tests. The new healed are 19 and the South Tyroleans in quarantine 735.


The number of people hospitalized in intensive care for Coronavirus in Piedmont doubled in the space of three days, even if the number of patients is still low. Compared to the three on Wednesday, there are six (+1 compared to yesterday) reported today by the Crisis Unit, which instead recorded a drop in hospitalizations in the other departments, in all 69 (-3). There were 229 new positives, 0.9% of the 24,641 swabs performed, of which 97 asymptomatic (42.4%). The deaths are still standing, and it is the seventeenth consecutive day without deaths, the new healed are 76. The people in home isolation are 2,302 (+155), the currently positive 2,377 (+153). Since the beginning of the pandemic, therefore, Piedmont has recorded 369,855 positives, 11,699 deaths and 355,779 recovered.



The number of infections in Veneto decreases compared to yesterday, with 629 new cases in 24 hours – a total of 436,583 – but that of hospitalized patients rises, with 10 more patients, even if the increase concerns non-critical wards (149 posts). The incidence of positives on the total number of swabs carried out (38,832) is 1.62%. The regional bulletin also reports one death, with the total at 11,642 victims of the pandemic. The current positives are also growing (+189), which are 12,116. In intensive care the situation unchanged, with 17 hospitalized.

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The new coronavirus cases registered in Tuscany in the 24 hours are 641 out of 15,702 tests, of which 8,325 molecular swabs and 7,377 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 4.08% (9.6% on first diagnoses).
Compared to yesterday, the number of new positives is lower (they were 720) while that of the tests carried out is higher (they were 13,506) as a result the rate has dropped (it was 5.33%). 4,056,722 vaccines have currently been administered in Tuscany.

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Sixty-six of the 856 swabs examined in Basilicata in the last 24 hours were positive (19 of them in Pescopagano, in the Potentino) as the regional task force announced, adding that another nine recoveries were recorded. There are 17 hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera, but no one is in intensive care. From the point of view of vaccinations, 4,771 were carried out yesterday: 353,412 Lucanians received the first dose (63.9 percent) and 252,823 who also received the second (45.7 percent).


In Puglia, 232 cases out of 11,703 tests for Covid-19 infection were recorded, with an incidence increasing to 1.98%. The new positives are 60 in the province of Bari, 42 in the province of Taranto, 36 in the province of Foggia, 34 in the province of Brindisi, 32 in the province of Lecce, 25 in the province of Bat, 2 residents outside the region, 1 case of unknown residence . No deaths were recorded. A death registered by mistake in recent days in the province of Bari has been removed from the database. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,897,563 tests have been carried out and 2,348 cases are currently positive. The total number of Covid positive cases in Puglia is 256,031 and 247,015 patients are cured.


Calabria records an increase in new infections for Covid, which went from 108 to 122, and in the positivity rate, which from 4.66% reached 6.44. Overall, 70,955 people have tested positive since the start of the pandemic. The hospitalizations in the medical area increased by two units, bringing the total to 64. There is, however, no new hospitalization in intensive care, the figure for which remains at 6. Today, moreover, there has been no death and the dead remain stuck at 1,255.
The total number of swabs carried out was 992,479, with an increase of 1,894. These are the daily data communicated by the Prevention Departments of the provincial health authorities of Calabria. Territorially, since the beginning of the epidemic, the positive cases are thus distributed. Catanzaro: 165 active cases (4 in ward 0 in intensive care, 161 in home isolation); 10,262 cases closed (10,118 recovered, 144 deceased). Cosenza: 1,497 active cases (29 in the ward, 3 in intensive care, 1,465 in home isolation); 22,177 cases closed (21,601 recovered, 576 deceased). Crotone: 170 active cases (2 in ward, 1 in intensive care, 167 in home isolation); 6,612 cases closed (6,511 recovered, 101 died). Reggio Calabria: 648 active cases (23 in ward, 1 in intensive care, 624 in home isolation); 23,174 cases closed (22,835 recovered, 339 deceased). Vibo Valentia: 47 active cases (3 in ward, 0 in intensive care, 44 in home isolation); 5,585 cases closed (5,493 recovered, 92 deceased).



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