Home News Coronavirus, latest news: 48,456 new cases and 44 deaths in Italy

Coronavirus, latest news: 48,456 new cases and 44 deaths in Italy

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Coronavirus, latest news: 48,456 new cases and 44 deaths in Italy



There are 48,456 new coronavirus positives at 4 pm on Sunday 26 June and bring the total, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 8,854,556. The deaths, in the last 24 hours, were 44 so as to total 168,102 units from February 2020 to this part. The currently positives counted in Italy are 733,440 and of these 5,532 hospitalized with symptoms (+190 day on day) and 227 in intensive care (two more) with 18 daily admissions. There are 727,681 people subjected to home isolation. This is the picture that emerges following the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health, elaborated on the basis of 199,340 swabs carried out against the 258,456 on Saturday 25 June. The positivity rate stood at 24.3%, compared to 21.8% the day before.


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day


Lombardy, 6,941 cases and 14 deaths

At the level of the individual regions, Lombardy is confirmed as the one with the highest number of daily cases: there are 6,941. Fourteen deaths were registered in the 24 hours. There are currently 81,878 positives in the region, of which 715 are hospitalized with symptoms and 15 in intensive care. At 81,148 positive people in home isolation.


The number of admissions per day, those in intensive care, and the percentage growth per day.


In Lazio 6,693 positives and two deaths

In second place among the regions for the number of daily cases there is once again Lazio (6,693 positives). Here the dead were two. Lazio is however first for currently positive: there are 193,350 of which 552 hospitalized with symptoms and 52 in intensive care.

In Campania 5,458 infections and two deaths

The third region for new positives is Campania with 5,458 cases. Two deaths were recorded in the 24 hours. The currently positive are 92,923 of which 361 hospitalized with symptoms and 23 in intensive care. There are 93,539 people in home isolation.

Where were we

The new positives on Saturday 25 June were 56,386. The deaths, in the last 24 hours, were 40. The currently positive counted in Italy were 703,479 and of these hospitalized with symptoms 5,342 and 225 in intensive care (stable). There were 697,912 people subjected to home isolation.

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