Home News Coronavirus, today 10,371 new cases (+ 21.8% in 7 days) and 41 deaths

Coronavirus, today 10,371 new cases (+ 21.8% in 7 days) and 41 deaths

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Coronavirus, today 10,371 new cases (+ 21.8% in 7 days) and 41 deaths



In Italy today, June 13, 10,371 new infections were detected (yesterday 18,678) from coronavirus , detected through 74,636 swabs (yesterday 127,704). The positivity rate is 13.89% (yesterday at 14.6%). The victims today were 41 (yesterday they were 26).
In the graphs below, and in the page of Lab24 all updated data.

The victims

The daily report released by the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection today, Monday 13 June, therefore counts 41 victims (-41.4% compared to 7 days ago), 15 more than the 26 recorded yesterday.

The weekly variation

The total of new infections today marks an increase of 21.84% compared to the same day a week ago, when 8,512 new positives were registered.

Intensive care and other data

The current positive 616,928 (yesterday 622,214) decreased, 4,210 hospitalized patients increased (4,118 yesterday) as well as 193 intensive care (yesterday 183).


The dots are: daily cases of the day / daily cases of the same day of the previous week. The curve represents the 7-day moving average. If the data is greater than 1 it means that the infections are growing


In Sardinia 448 new positives and 2 deaths

In Sardinia today there are 448 further confirmed cases of positivity on – between molecular and antigenic – 1,373 swabs. There are 7 patients admitted to intensive care units, the same number as yesterday. There are 101 patients admitted to the medical area, eight more than yesterday. There are 11082 cases of home isolation, 84 fewer than yesterday. There are 2 deaths: an 85-year-old woman and an 83-year-old man residing in the metropolitan city of Cagliari.

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