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“Corrida Monalisa 2023” will be held on June 25 in Ciudad del Este

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“Corrida Monalisa 2023” will be held on June 25 in Ciudad del Este
In 2022, the event commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the consecrated Monalisa Paraguay store and this year will be the second edition.

After a successful first edition held last year within the framework of its fiftieth anniversary, the exclusive and traditional store Monalisa Paraguay launches the second edition of the “Corrida Monalisa 2023”, which will take place in the departmental capital on June 25.

The launch of this event promoted by the Monalisa store took place a few days ago at the Hotel Río in the hands of Bourbon Ciudad del Este, which was attended by members of the store chain, main sponsors and organizers, as well as members of the press. and regional sports leaders.

After a successful first edition held last year on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Monalisa store, in collaboration with the ChronoFactory agency, decided to launch the second edition.

People of legal age can participate in the event, it is available in several categories and is aimed exclusively at lovers of this discipline, both as a team and individually. Participants may choose distances of 5 km and 10 km.

Registration can be done online at http://www.chronofactory.com/ until June 24 or until reaching the quota of 450 participants. For this, there are different payment methods and options for registration. At the Monalisa store in Ciudad del Este, you can do so at the cash desk on the ground floor, for cash payments only, from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Another authorized place for official registration is the Quiero Fruta branch, in front of the Lago de la República amphitheater.

The registration fee is Gs. 150,000 and includes the kit with a shirt, bag, front number, electronic chip and other surprises.

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The “Corrida Monalisa 2023” will take place on Sunday, June 25, starting and ending in front of the Monalisa Paraguay building, touring the heart of Ciudad del Este, Lago de la República and Area 1.

At the end of the competition, one person will be awarded accommodation and access to the 2024 New York Marathon, offered by Chai Viajes y Turismo. The prize will only be awarded to the athlete present at that time, and includes hotel, airfare and access to the event.

Another point to highlight is that all competitors will receive a high-quality “finisher” medal, with a three-dimensional Monalisa design, in recognition of their effort and dedication, and as a final touch, they will be able to participate in draws for more than 100 items from the Monalisa Paraguay store.

The delivery of the kits for the participants of the bullfight will take place throughout the day on Friday, June 23 and Saturday, June 24 at the Hotel Rio by Bourbon Ciudad del Este, located in the center of the capital of Alto Paraná. It is important to remember that the day of the event there will be no registration and delivery of kits.

It should be noted that the Rio Hotel by Bourbon Ciudad del Este is the official accommodation of the race, so it offers a special rate for those interested who come from other cities, with prices such as US$ 50.00 + VAT with breakfast and parking included . for double rooms.

The “Monalisa Paraguay” store invites all the inhabitants of the triple border to be part of a party for the athletic community, highlighting the spirit of celebration of sport and participation.

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As part of this initiative, the following hashtags were created: #CorridaMONALISA23 and #MONALISAParaguay, to live this special celebration together with the participants.

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