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Cortina, positive canteen staff at Covid: chefs arrive in kindergarten

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The “Da Aurelio” brigade, the temple of gastronomy on the Giau pass, guarantees meals for the parish maternal. Dariz: in times of Covid it is right to do your part

CORTINA. The seventy children of the Cortina kindergarten risked not being able to return to the classroom because Covid had put all the staff in the canteen to bed: chef Gigi Dariz, owner of the Da Aurelio restaurant in Passo Giau, took care of the situation. Since last Thursday, instead of serving the usual clientele, Dariz and his kitchen brigade have moved to the kindergarten canteen and every day they churn out delicacies for the little ones of the Pietro Frenademez parish kindergarten, led by Don Ivano.

The chef himself tells the curious experience. “From last week we will manage the canteen for a week – says Dariz, who four years ago prepared a kind of child-proof nutritional handbook for kindergarten with the priest -. So far this is really enjoying it. One day we made lemon chicken, with broccoli, mashed potatoes and homemade ice cream. Then she tried our pastry chef with pies and cakes ».

Every day two of the six members of the kitchen brigade descend from the Pass, at over 2,200 meters above sea level, to the center of Cortina to keep the canteen open and offer a hot meal to the little kindergarten pupils. “It was exciting – concludes Dariz – and I believe that in times of Covid it was right that we too did our part”

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