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Cortina, skyrocketing bills: Christmas with fewer lights and turned off at night

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Cortina, skyrocketing bills: Christmas with fewer lights and turned off at night

Dear bills: tradition also pays the price. For Christmas there are less bright decorations and references to local crafts. The bell tower will not be illuminated, the lights will be reduced and turned off a few hours at night.

«The dear bill is fought with tradition», declares the mayor Gianluca Lorenzi, «our philosophy therefore provides for fewer lights and more decorations that recall the Ampezzo craftsmanship and the simplicity of the past».

To combine the inevitable increase in electricity costs and the desire to pay homage to one of the most characteristic and attractive periods of the year for the Conca, the Administration is carrying out a project with the aim of saving and at the same time to guarantee the quality of the fittings.

“We find ourselves at the dawn of months that promise to be potentially complicated for the municipal coffers”, explains Lorenzi, “the first increase in bills and raw materials has already weighed on budget forecasts, unfortunately, and in October a further increase in the costs. For this reason we are studying an alternative decoration plan, “unplugged” so to speak, without renouncing to make Cortina more beautiful. Naturally, the Administration is committed to maintaining primary and social services as well as the firm intention of safeguarding those infrastructures that are fundamental for the life of the country, such as the Olimpico which will not be closed ”.

To take care of the project is Roberta Alverà, deputy mayor with responsibility for tourism.

«We decided to create more green decorations», he anticipates, «and to place fewer lights. There will be lighting along the streets of the center, but this winter we will put timers to switch off the lights during the night. We then decided not to install video mapping on the walls of the bell tower of the Basilica, always with a view to saving energy. We will focus on traditions and we are also working together with the Rules to install decorations in the center that will revive the Christmas atmosphere for everyone, but looking at the expensive bills ».

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A return, therefore, to softer lighting, sustainable decorations, attention to detail and a narration of Cortina as a mountain village that enhances traditions.

«Our actions will be oriented precisely to economic sustainability», concludes the mayor Lorenzi, «and to a return to the past with an objective that will be that of a sober elegance. We also invite businesses and individuals to embellish their businesses and homes as usual with attention to the issues of the moment. The only exception to containment will be granted at the Fashion weekend, an event that has been animating the start of our winter season for more than ten years now ».

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