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Cortina without drivers, SeAm cuts the bus lines

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Cortina without drivers, SeAm cuts the bus lines

There are not enough drivers and the municipalized SeAm will cut the local transport service in Cortina from tomorrow, December 1st. Also leaving the ski bus service in limbo normally active from the first week of December.

The announcement was made by Servizi Ampezzo itself, which from 1 January 2023 should pass the baton of the local transport service to the provincial company Dolomitibus.

“SeAm’s transport manager announces that from Thursday 1st December it will no longer be able to guarantee an efficient urban public transport service”, is the announcement of the Ampezzo municipal company.

Bus service cuts

In particular, SeAm explains, the afternoon service of line 5 – shuttle – which starting from Piazza Roma serves bus station – Majon – Chiave – Codivilla – Cadin – Cadelverzo – Ronco – Centre.

A SeAm minibus used for connections with the villages

The urban line 2B will be merged with the urban line 2. On Sundays the urban service will then be suspended to allow the drivers remaining employed by SeAm to enjoy rest

and this for the whole month of December. Furthermore, on 13,14 and 20 December the service will be suspended to allow drivers to carry out the usual medical examinations.

Bus drivers are missing

«The above is due to the shortage of drivers», underlines SeAm, as one of them was retired on October 1st, one resigned at the end of October, one will leave his job on December 1st and one on December 31st. When fully operational, the service should be able to count on at least 12/13 units, currently the quota is equal to 8».

Also skip the connection service dedicated to skiers. «It will not even be possible to schedule the usual ski bus service»says SeAm, «normally active from the first week of December, for the same reasons».

In sight the transition to Dolomitibus

A difficult situation, therefore, also in light of the expected transition of the service to Dolomitibus on the first day of the new year. “We apologize to the users and tourists of Cortina”, underlines the SeAm.

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