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Court ordered Minsalud to disburse resources to the EPS

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Court ordered Minsalud to disburse resources to the EPS

The Special Chamber for Follow-up on Sentence T-760 of 2008 made a decision regarding the payment of outstanding debts in the health sector in Colombia.

Through Order 2882 of November 20, 2023, this Chamber declared the low level of compliance with the twenty-fourth orderwhich seeks to guarantee the flow of resources destined to pay for health services and technologies that are not financed by the Capitation Payment Unit (UPC) or by the Maximum Budgets

This decision is based on the need to ensure the payment of outstanding debts to the EPS (Health Promotion Entities) and the IPS (Health Providing Institutions) for services and technologies provided until December 2019.

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Although the Government had established an agreement called the “Final Point Agreement” to settle these debts, the Chamber found that, by the year 2023, There were still outstanding amounts to pay, as well as a new debt accumulated from 2020especially related to the services provided during the Covid-19 emergency.

In this situation, The Chamber ordered the Ministry of Health to disburse all of the monies approved in the agreement and that had not been paid, within a maximum period of two months from the communication of this decision. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on the importance of avoid the accumulation of new debts and guarantee the constant flow of resources for the payment of health services and technologies in the future.

This determination seeks to ensure timely access to medical care for all citizens and guarantee the financial sustainability of the health system in the country.

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