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Covid, admissions in the Belluno area are growing strongly

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Covid, admissions in the Belluno area are growing strongly

The number of hospitalized for Covid in the province. The alarm comes today, 5 October, from Ulss 1 Dolomiti which records well seven hospitalizations in two days and the activation of additional hospitalization places for Covid

Currently in the province there are 36 patients hospitalized in non-critical areas, one in intensive care, seven in community hospital. “Now the areas dedicated to Covid patients, in addition to Infectious Diseases, are distributed in homogeneous areas of hospitalization in the centers of Belluno and Feltre”, specifies the general manager, Maria Grazia Carraro who adds: “Given the strong growth in numbers, both in terms of weekly incidence (today at 623 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to a national average of 412) and in terms of hospitalizations (+7 in two days), we try to keep maximum attention to preventive behavior “.

«As observed in the past two years, in our territory the growth of infections starts earlier than elsewhere», comments Carraro, «it is necessary that each of us be responsible, for himself and above all to protect fragile people and the elderly. THE preventive behaviors they are always the ones we have come to know: use a mask, ventilate the rooms, wash your hands frequently, isolate yourself and swab in case of symptoms and vaccination. I remind you that the new bivalent anti Covid vaccines are now available, recommended for the over 60s, available for all the over 12s ».

Ulss Dolomiti is monitoring the progress of theEpidemic for a possible strengthening of the buffer points and the vaccination offer (currently both bookable from the website www.aulss1.veneto.it)

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