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Covid, could not be vaccinated: he died at 14 in Ancona

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The fourteen-year-old who a little more than a month ago had suffered severe respiratory failure linked to a Sars-CoV-2 infection died shortly after noon, at the pediatric resuscitation of the Salesi hospital in Ancona. From what has been learned, the girl was born with a very rare genetic syndrome, had undergone a kidney transplant two years ago and was in a situation of pharmacological immunosuppression that did not allow her to be vaccinated.

Last November 1 she had accused 41 of fever and had been hospitalized, but her clinical conditions have progressively worsened, to the point of precipitating: this morning a cardiac arrest occurred and after a long attempt to resuscitate her she died.

In recent days, the mother, who with her husband and other child (who also ended up in hospital, ed.) Had contracted the covid, had entrusted an appeal to social media to those who, despite being vaccinated, let their guard down: “We must respect the same rules and do not believe that because you are vaccinated you are exempt from taking this monster of Covid which is now mainly affecting children. This makes us understand that adults are letting their guard down and children are paying the consequences, “he wrote.

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