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Covid: France, chloroquine doctor allegedly falsified data

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Raoult accused of fraud to prove the molecule’s effectiveness

(ANSA) – PARIS, NOV 20 – Several collaborators of the Marseille professor Didier Raoult, who in the first period of the pandemic had become the “prophet” of chloroquine as an anti-Covid drug in France and around the world, now accuse him of falsifying results of some studies intended to prove the effectiveness of the controversial drug.

According to the revelations of the Mediapart website, several members of the staff of the university hospital of Marseille assure that the microbiologist has falsified the figures of some of his studies with the aim of demonstrating, at any cost, the effectiveness of chloroquine, the molecule at the base of the Raoult’s treatment protocol.

About ten people – biologists, doctors, interns or assistants – spoke to investigators about their unease in the face of the professor’s “reprehensible scientific and ethical practices”.

Some have gone further, claiming that Didier Raoult voluntarily falsified results to demonstrate the beneficial effects of chloroquine. Raoult allegedly falsified the results of molecular swabs of a study comparing hospital patients treated with chloroquine with patients at the central hospital in Nice, not treated with the same molecule: he would have used different criteria to analyze the two groups. of patients, modifying the positivity thresholds of the swabs in favor of his thesis.


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