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Covid, from Christmas to Christmas in Sardinia: more infections and much fewer hospitalizations and deaths

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In 2020 the hospitalized and deceased were 4 times those of this year. Under the holidays there was a curfew and contingent visits to relatives

CAGLIARI. From Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2021 with Covid. How has the scenario changed in Sardinia during the holidays? The unobjectionable data of 24 and 25 December a year ago compared to those of Christmas Eve and Christmas this year immediately let us know that, due to the virulence of the Omicron variant, the number of infections has grown, but on the other side deaths and hospitalizations are significantly lower this year, about a quarter compared to 2020.

All thanks to the vaccination campaign that manages to avoid getting sick or at least, in most cases, to attenuate the effect of the Coronavirus on the human body which has been subjected to two doses if not, even better, three doses.

The data of April 24, 2020 in our island were these: 331 new cases detected, 9 deaths (six men and three women between 42 and 87 years). As for hospitalizations, 498 were patients in hospital in non-intensive wards and 41 patients in intensive care.

On 24 April 2021, 470 confirmed cases of Covid positive, two deaths. Patients hospitalized in non-intensive wards 131 while those in intensive care were 11.

This trend obviously does not differ in the case of Christmas day. A year ago there were 409 new cases, 3 deaths. 484 patients were hospitalized in non-intensive wards and 43 in intensive care.

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This year, however, 468 cases, no deaths. There are 132 patients hospitalized in non-intensive wards, while those in intensive care are 11.

Finally, it should be remembered that a year ago the Dpcm (Decree of the presidency of the council of ministers) imposed a curfew and contingent visits to relatives, obstacles that this year do not exist.

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