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Covid, from the Super Green Pass to compulsory vaccination and third doses: all the government’s decisions to counter the fourth wave

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There is no more time, everyone has understood this. The fourth wave of the pandemic is scourging Europe, and if Italy wants to try to hold onto that small, big advantage in terms of contagions, it must move quickly. For this reason, the government, next week, will be called upon to take important decisions and adopt unpopular measures to avoid closures even with the foreseeable change of colors of the regions. At Palazzo Chigi the time for discussions is over: next week first a meeting with the Regions, at the latest by Tuesday, then a control room to make a summary and finally the Council of Ministers will put an end to the hesitations, and will dictate the new rules. Here are all the measures under study.

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Super Green Pass
Practically all the Regions ask for it, terrified by the hypothesis of new closures. A certificate that will only be valid for people vaccinated or cured of Covid, and which will effectively prevent those who do not want to vaccinate from entering bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, theaters, discos and stadiums. A measure that does not want to punish, several executive ministers have clarified for some time, but that wants to spare the vaccinated. The road seems to be marked, the times are not yet: the introduction could perhaps be decided not next week, but starting from the following ones. More difficult, for a practical question linked to controls (as the unions reiterated today), the extension of the Super Green Pass also on public transport. At least in a first period, or so it seems, the Super Green Pass will not affect the workplace.
To close the chapter, after the repeated indications of the scientific community, the novelty of the reduction of the validity of the green certificate seems to be established: no longer 12 but 9 months, to mitigate the possible risks of the now proven decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines over time.

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Vaccination obligation
The government no longer seems to have doubts about extending the compulsory certificate to some categories, starting with doctors and health personnel but also law enforcement and teachers. But no obligation for everyone, Austria style, at least for now: everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic.

Third doses
From Monday, a few days in advance, the administrations will also start for the over 40s, and a surge in bookings is expected, already underway in the last few days: the Italians who have already received the “booster” dose are about 4 millions. The government is studying the reduction from 6 to 5 months for recalls. “We will do our best to build a country that can remain open during the Christmas period,” said Minister Di Maio. “We have to get people who haven’t done it to get vaccinated.”


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