Home News Covid in Fvg: 637 new cases and no deaths but infections increased by 23 percent in the last week

Covid in Fvg: 637 new cases and no deaths but infections increased by 23 percent in the last week

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Covid in Fvg: 637 new cases and no deaths but infections increased by 23 percent in the last week

UDINE. There are 637 new cases of positivity to Covid registered in Friuli Venezia Giulia on Thursday 22 September, with the regional bulletin which records no deaths.

In detail, 4,388 tests and swabs were performed: 135 new infections were detected on 2,050 molecular swabs, while a further 502 cases emerged from the 2,338 rapid antigenic tests carried out.

There are 4 people admitted to intensive care, while 89 patients are hospitalized in other departments.

Today, as mentioned, there are no deaths, with the total number of people who have died since the beginning of the pandemic which therefore remains at 5,420, with the following territorial subdivision: 1,361 in Trieste, 2,522 in Udine, 1,040 in Pordenone and 497 in Gorizia.

Also since the beginning of the Covid emergency in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 485,835 people were positive.

Data which, however, if extended on a weekly basis show that in Friuli Venezia Giulia, from 14 to 20 September, a deteriorating performance was recorded for currently positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, equal to 421 (compared to 413 in the previous week) , while new cases increased by 21.3% in 7 days.

Beds in the medical area (8.5% versus 5.5%) and in intensive care (2.3% versus 1.6%) occupied by Covid-19 patients are above the national average.

This is what emerges from the weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation on the progress of the pandemic in the region. According to the report, in Fvg the percentage of the population over 5 years that has not received any dose of vaccine corresponds to 10.9% (Italy average 9.9%) to which the temporarily protected population is added, as they have recovered from Covid- 19 less than 180 days, or 2.6%.

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The children between 5 and 11 years old who have completed the vaccination cycle are 25% (Italy average 35.2%) plus a further 2.1% (Italy average 3.3%) with the first dose only.

The vaccination coverage rate with fourth dose is 15.1% (Italy average 16.6%). As regards the incidence of new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the monitoring reveals, the province of Trieste records the highest value with 309, an increase of 26.5% compared to the previous week. Followed by Udine with 280 (+ 13.3%), Pordenone with 269 (+ 31.4%) and Gorizia with 247 (+ 26.9%).

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