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Covid, in the Aosta Valley the infection gallops: more than one swab out of two positive

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Contagions gallop in Valle d’Aosta, always very high compared to the population of the smallest region of Italy, which has now passed into the yellow zone for fifteen days. Enough to win a record: already since Sunday, more than one swab out of two has been positive.

The regional bulletin has ascertained that those infected by Covid have exceeded 5000 (today 5149), and in the last 24 hours 450 new cases have been registered, while 175 people have been declared cured. It is impressive to consider that 55 percent of the swabs analyzed resulted in the double line, ensuring the detection of the virus. However, those reported were just 819, about a quarter of the average of the last few days. The number is in fact lower due to the closure of many pharmacies and hot spots where to undergo tests during the weekend.

At the moment, however, the Parini hospital, the only one for the whole region, is holding up: there are 52 hospitalizations for Covid, one more on Sunday, of which 46 in the ordinary wards (one more) and six (stable) in therapy intensive. There were no new deaths.

However, the high number of infections has created inconvenience to undergo the tests, sending the Aosta drive-in haywire, where they wait three to four hours to swab, so much so that municipal police patrols have been sent to support to manage traffic. The carabinieri are also supportive.

There were moments of tension. Even if people waited in the car without particular protest, some improvised “no vax” rally took place among the cars in the queue. There were also those who arrived on foot in front of the tent where the swabs are carried out, explaining that they were positive. Today 850 people were booked.

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