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Covid in the world: in Brazil almost three thousand deaths in one day, in Argentina President Fernández positive

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With 31,314,625 cases, the United States remains in first place followed, with a significant gap from Brazil and India, with 12,912,379 and 12,392,260 infections respectively. But it is in the latter two that the situation continues to be very worrying: in the country governed by Bolsonaro in the last 24 hours, 70,238 new cases of coronavirus and 2,922 deaths have been recorded, with public health collapsing. The only positive aspect comes from the State of Amazonas, it recorded an 80% drop in the number of deaths from Covid in March compared to January, when local hospitals collapsed also due to a lack of oxygen for patients. G1 news portal. According to data contained in the epidemiological bulletin of the Health Surveillance Foundation, last month the coronavirus victims were 670, compared to 3,556 reported in January 2021. Currently Amazonas, which has had over 12,000 deaths from Covid-19, is in the orange phase, with a moderate risk of disease transmission. One of the explanations for this decrease is the closure of non-essential trade since January 2nd, due to the second wave. The easing started on February 22nd. Another factor that may explain this drop in the death toll is vaccination, which began in January with priority groups. However, as the number of vaccinated is still not ideal, experts warn that even the vaccinated must continue to follow social distancing protocols.

India reports 81,466 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 469 deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic: the data on confirmed infections within 24 hours is the most worrying since last October 2, when the authorities communicated 81,484 new cases, as the Times of India recalls, while the death toll is the saddest since December 6. Since the start of the health emergency, the Asian giant has confirmed a total of 12,303,131 cases with 163,396 deaths. The state of Maharashtra, where Mumbai is located, remains the most affected: here, the newspaper emphasizes, 43,183 of the 81,466 new cases have been registered, the most serious bulletin since the beginning of the pandemic. Across the country, with over 1.3 billion people, there are 614,696 active cases.

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In Argentina, President Alberto Ángel Fernández announced, through a tweet, that he had contracted Covid, specifying that he had taken the test due to a mild fever of 37.3 and a slight headache. “I am physically well and, although I would have liked to end my birthday without this news, I am also in a good mood”, reads a second tweet, in which he reiterates to his fellow citizens to “follow the current recommendations. It is clear that the pandemic has not passed and we must continue to take care of ourselves ». The newspaper El Clarin recalled that Fernandez was the first president of Latin America to be vaccinated: the first dose of Sputnik V, produced by the Russian laboratory Gamaleya, was injected on 21 January. Presidential sources revealed to the newspaper that the president has already received the second dose: three weeks after the first injection.

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