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Covid, Iss: the death rate among the No Vax is nine times higher

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ROMA – In the last month, 64.0% of ICU admissions and 45.3% of deaths occurred among those who did not receive any dose of Covid vaccine. The new data is put on paper by the Surveillance Report of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), which completes the weekly monitoring. In the period from 8 October to 7 November of this year, the ISS notes, 424 unvaccinated people were hospitalized in intensive care out of a total of about 8 million non-immunized in Italy, and 177 hospitalized patients vaccinated with the complete cycle for less than 6 months on 39 million double-dose vaccinees. In short, the death rate among the unvaccinated is nine times higher.

Covid, the weekly monitoring: the incidence of cases still rises but the RT is stable at 1.21

by Michele Bocci

In the last 30 days, the Report also reads, 50,564 cases of Covid-19 were notified (39.9%) among the unvaccinated, 3,980 cases (3.1%) among those vaccinated with an incomplete cycle, 60,407 cases (47.7 %) among those vaccinated with a full cycle within six months, 11,215 (8.9%) among those vaccinated with a full cycle over six months and 537 cases (0.4%) among those vaccinated with a full cycle with a booster dose.

While 51.0% of hospitalizations, 64.0% of ICU admissions and 45.3% of deaths occurred among those who did not receive any vaccine dose. On the other hand, 14 people (2.1%) were admitted to intensive care among those vaccinated with an incomplete cycle; 177 cases (26.7%) among vaccinated with full course within 6 months; 45 cases (6.8%) between vaccinated with a full cycle for more than 6 months and 2 cases (0.3%) between vaccinated with a full cycle plus additional dose (all percentages to be read against the light, i.e. taking into account the high number of vaccinated people in Italy – about 87% of the population – compared to about eight million Italians who have not taken any dose to date).

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Analyzing the data it therefore emerges that the death rate in the unvaccinated (65 per 100 thousand) is about nine times higher than in the vaccinated with a full cycle within six months (7 per 100 thousand) and six times higher than in the vaccinated with a cycle. complete for over six months (11 100 thousand). While taking into consideration the number of ICU admissions and deaths in the over 80s, the rate of ICU admissions of the unvaccinated (13 ICU admissions per 100,000) is approximately seven times higher than that of full cycle vaccinates. less than six months (1.8 ICU admissions per 100,000) and over six months (1.9 ICU admissions per 100,000).

The director of Aifa Magrini: “The Green Pass already makes us safe, we won’t need the obligation”

by Elena Dusi

And another data emerges with regard to vaccination: the protection for those who have taken the double dose for more than six months drops from 95% to 82%. “After 6 months from the completion of the vaccination cycle – says the ISS – there is a sharp decrease in vaccination efficacy in preventing diagnoses in all age groups”.

Meanwhile, the emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, in videoconference with Potenza, referring to the unvaccinated, he said that “there is no worse deaf than those who do not want to hear, we go our own way. Fortunately in Italy 87 percent of people have done at least one dose, these are the facts “. Then he added: “I hope that little by little they can be convinced. Whoever is the architect of his illness pays the consequences.”

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Soaring infections among the under 20s

Not only adults now a quarter of the new cases of Covid-19 in Italy concern the under 20s, and among the youngest hospitalizations are increasing. “In the last week – reads the ISS Report – the trend observed in the previous one is confirmed, with 25% of cases diagnosed in the population under the age of 20. 49% of cases of school age were diagnosed in the age group 6-11 years “, (for which the possibility of a vaccine is expected shortly). Age group in which “, starting from the second week of October, there is a greater increase in the incidence compared to the rest of the school age population, with a surge in the last 2 weeks”. In school age “34% of cases were diagnosed in the 12-19 age group”, while “only 11% and 6%, respectively, between the ages of 3 and 5 and under the age of 3”.

Among the youngest, however, “hospitalizations increase” as the experts remark “with an increase in the hospitalization rate in the age group under 3 years”, although “just over 2 hospitalizations per 100 thousand inhabitants, in the last weeks, while in the other age groups it is stable “.

Covid, Germany, Austria and Slovenia: “Let’s go towards catastrophe”. The virus pushes the boundaries

by Tonia Mastrobuoni

In Veneto almost two thousand infections in one day

The number of new positives in Veneto is still growing, where in the last 24 there are 1,928 infections discovered with swabs, a figure that was not recorded since the hot days of the third wave of the virus. Veneto is one step away from reaching the psychological share of half a million total cases since the beginning of the epidemic: 499,540. A dramatic bulletin that of the Region, because it also accounts for 13 more victims than yesterday. The total death toll rises to 11,905. It supports the hospital system; Covid patients hospitalized in medical areas are 356 (-1), 69 (+5) those in intensive care.

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“If the situation becomes explosive, there is a risk of targeted lockdowns”

The fourth wave of Covid, in our country “is only just beginning, and if, as we all hope, we manage to contain it and the new pandemic cycle stops, then we can hope well”, explains Arnaldo Caruso, president of the Italian Virology Society, at ‘agency beraking latest news . But “if the situation becomes explosive – adds the expert, tracing a possible critical scenario – as unfortunately has happened in other countries, we must undoubtedly imagine that something will have to be done”. Specifying, then, that “if we have to talk about lockdown”, the wish is not to get to Austria model restrictions, but to adopt “surgical measures, limited to very few areas and very few situations otherwise difficult to manage, in order not to stop our economy and the our sociability “.


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