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Covid Italia, bulletin of 17 August: update on the positives, the hospitalized and the healed

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Covid Italia, bulletin of 17 August: update on the positives, the hospitalized and the healed

In the last 24 hours there are 36,265 new Covid cases in Italy, compared to 8,944 yesterday but with a much higher number of tampons processed after the post-holiday: they are 228,707 against 63,549 yesterday, with a positive rate that decreased from 14 , 1% to 15.8%.
The deaths in the last 24 hours are 128 (yesterday 70) for a total of 174,300 since the beginning of the pandemic. Intensive care units decreased by 11 (yesterday -2) with 22 admissions of the day, for a total of 288, while ordinary hospitalizations decreased by 205 (yesterday +40) for a total of 7,339. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

Medical orders: “Today the disease is manageable, in autumn bivalent and fragile vaccines”

“Covid even if it records low numbers will keep us company for a long time. But today we have substantially changed the disease, before it scared us a lot, now it is manageable. This is thanks to vaccines that have drastically reduced mortality and saved millions. of lives in the world. The ISS has estimated that 150 thousand deaths have been avoided in Italy alone. Immunization therefore remains the best strategy. which today have a high mortality risk “. ‘This was underlined by Filippo Anelli, president of the Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), taking stock of the epidemiological situation in Italy and the next steps to be taken in the anti-Covid strategy.

Fiaso, hospitalizations down for the second week, -13.7%

The Covid hospitalization curve slows down again. The total number of patients in hospitals, both in ordinary wards and in intensive care units, fell by 13.7% in one week. This is what emerges from the report of 16 August of the sentinel hospitals belonging to the Fiaso network (Italian Federation of health and hospital companies). Therefore, the reduction in hospitalized patients continues for the second week in a row: in the survey of 9 August a net decrease of 20% was recorded. The percentage of patients hospitalized for Covid is 42% while that of patients with Covid represents the majority of 58%.

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Over half of those infected with omicron did not know they had the virus

More than half of people infected with Omicron are unaware that they have caught the virus. A new study turns the spotlight on the submerged Covid infection and offers a new estimate of those who run into Sars-CoV-2 without realizing it for the most diverse reasons, because they are asymptomatic or because they underestimate symptoms that occur in mild form and so on. The work published in ‘Jama Network Open’ was conducted by researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the US. Among those who were found to have had the infection, “more than one in two”, 56%, “did not know they were infected. Awareness will be the key to enabling us to move beyond this pandemic,” explained Susan Cheng, director of the ‘Institute for Research on Healthy Aging in the Cardiology Department of the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai and corresponding author of the study.

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