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Covid, school effect: the incidence grows in the 10-19 age group

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Covid, school effect: the incidence grows in the 10-19 age group

New signs of concern are coming from the front of the Covid epidemic complicit, infectious disease specialists warn, including the reopening of schools. In the last week, the incidence of new infections has jumped from 215 to 325 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and also the transmissibility index Rt has returned to the epidemic alert threshold of 1, as last July. With growth observed in particular in the age group 10-19 years.

The incidence of cases

The data from the latest weekly monitoring by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health indicate that the indices are rising and fears are growing also in view of the stop to the obligation of masks on public transport starting from 1 October. Epidemiologists are worried first of all by the trend in the incidence of cases, which this week exceeds the threshold of 600 per 100 thousand inhabitants – almost double the national average of 325 – in the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano: it is in fact equal to 637 , 6 in Bolzano and 633 in Trento. The third region with the highest incidence is Veneto with 557. And there are five, compared to the two of last week, the regions classified at high risk: Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Puglia and Veneto. The remaining 16 are classified as moderate risk. The RT has also started to rise again.

No pressure on hospitals

Since last July the transmissibility index did not reach the epidemic threshold of the unit. In short, a picture to be monitored carefully even if, for the moment, there is no significant increase in pressure on hospitals and intensive care in all regions remains below the alert threshold of 10% of employment by Covid patients. . The national rate of employment in intensive care is in fact stable at 1.4%, but that in the medical areas at the national level instead rises to 6% compared to 5.3% last 22 September. Furthermore, according to the table on decision-making indicators attached to the monitoring, in 3 Regions the alert threshold of 15% of employment in ordinary departments is exceeded: this is the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (20.2%), Umbria (17.8% ) and Valle d’Aosta (16.4%).

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Rezza: carry out vaccine boosters

In the last seven days, warns the director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza «there has therefore been a significant increase in the incidence. And given the increase in viral circulation speed, which is now starting to be quite sustained, it is important to maintain prudent behavior and above all to carry out booster doses of vaccines. This mainly concerns people at risk in order to avoid the most serious consequences of the disease ». Compared to the daily data reported by the ministry bulletin, there are 34,479, a decrease compared to yesterday, the new infections recorded in the last 24 hours (yesterday 37,522). There are 38 victims, up from 30 yesterday, and the positivity rate is 18.8% (yesterday it was 18.9%). On the other hand, 136 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, that is 5 fewer, and there are 4,101 hospitalized in ordinary wards, 252 more.

Masks for healthcare and Rsa facilities

Meanwhile, since the beginning of October, the obligation to wear masks on means of transport such as buses and trains, while it remains in force until the end of October in health and RSA facilities. The extension by the Minister of Health of the obligation to wear a mask in health facilities represents “an ordinance of common sense to protect fragile patients and we hope this choice will also be adopted for the entire period of seasonal flu”, says the secretary general of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg) Silvestro Scotti.

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